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Found 4 results

  1. .d4


    Overview I have made an widget that extends upon the original crosshair. This Also integrates Movement Keys and a Velocity Display. Velocity Display will show in what direction your velocity vector is pointing. Settings Color Options Color Fill by health Crosshair color Color stroke by health Stroke Color Shape Options Type - 1 to 16 Inner Space - This only applies to Shape 2 and 3 Size Stroke Weight Movement Keys Display Movement Keys Movement Keys color Size Spacing Velocity Options Display velocity Display Y Axis Velocity Color Download jonfio_Crosshair.lua
  2. First of all, you need an image editor that can open .DDS files, I use Paint.NET (it's free). •Locate your hud_crosshairs_c file, which is under steamappscommonReflexbaseinternalhud. •Open the file with Paint.NET •Choose which crosshair you want to overwrite, in my example I overwrite crosshair 1, so to use it in game I would type <cl_crosshair 1> in my console. Numbered list of the default crosshairs created by Wari: •Zoom in all the way on your selected crosshair •Edit the crosshair as much as you want, but make sure the crosshair is based around the 2x2 pixel centre of your chosen crosshair, otherwise your custom one will not be centered. •Here's a download link of all 16 crosshairs changed to 2x2 white squares by Wari: http://puu.sh/cV6EI/e534722a12.dds •You can now edit the crosshair however you like, as long as it's not bigger than 64x64 I believe. •If you leave the crosshair at it's default colour in the game settings (cl_crosshair_color 6) you can use whatever colour you like in Paint.NET to draw your crosshair! Here's an example of my medium sized dot with an rgb value of 0,255,0: And here's how it looks in game: Have fun, and happy fragging!
  3. aliasedfrog

    Crosshair for each weapon

    Have seen this referenced a few times but nothing posted here threw this together today for anyone interested. Widget -> Options. you can set what cross hair type, size and color for each cross hair (if your into that thing). Updated: 09/21/15 08/29/15 fixed no menu replay's causing options to bug out. 09/21/15 updated crosshair x/y/z defaults and fixed so it doesn't force it to defaults unless you set it in options. Source: http://pastebin.com/raw.php?i=ng2JrpRE Install: Save As, <steam>/<reflex>/base/internal/ui/<where ever (recommend a sub folder named custom)>/CrosshairWeapons.lua Launch game, go to: options -> widgets -> CrosshairWeapons -> Click visible. This is setup to work off the default cross hair widget. if you want to get it working with something custom feel free to message me and i'll take a look at it.
  4. So I just violated the default Crosshairs.lua and made it so I can use sliders to set colour under options. Both for the fill colour and the stroke outline. I didn't bother keeping the cvars. It is all now saved in the config and only(?) customizable with the settings under options/widgets/CrosshairsMu. Colour fill/stroke by health will override the slider settings. CrosshairsMu.zip Updated 26/11-15 Added ugly hack to get stroke to work on all the default crosshairs. The more complex patterns will not have a uniform outline though. It is basically drawing the crosshair twice in slightly different sizes so the ouline will be either on the inside or outside.