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Found 1 result

  1. Hey, first of all I was asking some guys (or girls) if I was right (just to be sure of my observation) and they agreed but deemed it so unimportant that they felt the need to tell me: "go wank on reddit" so maybe it is really not important but it seems to me... okay the point: if I jump and crouch I would expect that my cross-hair stays consistent and the model "crouches" the legs up but that is not the case the model goes down with the point of view or upper body model part. so if I jump and crouch in the middle of the jump the cross-hair goes: jump=up, crouch=down, finishing jump movement=up again. up down up. if I crouch at the highest point of the jump, the time of the jump is the same (which wouldn't be the case if the legs would get pulled up) but the point of view/crosshair goes down so it seems as one would fall faster what is of course not the case just the downwards movement of the upper body model part and so the pov makes it an "optical illusion" as if one would fall faster. the problem seems that the animation of the model when crouching walking/standing is the same when crouching in mid-air, while actually it should be a different one. = pulling the legs up and let the cross-hair/point of view consistent with the jump height. that would also make possible to use crouching as a method to reach jumps one wouldn't make slightly without being couched. I know it's not a big bug but it's somehow wrong and fixing it would extend the jump mechanics a little bit, for me it looks "buggy" if my cross-hair goes up-down-up while crouch-jumping... hope it wasn't a waste of time and I should have gone "wank on reddit"... greetings A.