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Found 25 results

  1. Is anyone interested in competing in an NA Reflex CTF Tournament? I'm very interested in putting one on but we I feel we need at least 4 teams of 4 people (16 total) committed to playing in it. I'm also planning to put some of my own money into a prize pool and accepting donations as well to further incentivize participation. I am HOPING to be able to put up about $100 USD and I know of one other person who is also willing to put in $100 USD, so the prize pool should have a fairly sizable boost right off the bat. I would like to limit the tournament to individuals who reside in NA (US, Canada, Mexico) to ensure all matches can be played without ping issues, but if it becomes apparent that we are very close to reaching the goal of 4 teams of 4, then I may decide to allow some. We can have people sign up individually and then try to set up the teams based on estimated skill to keep things interesting. I would prefer that we don't have too many good players on the same team with each other and so myself, hoyt, messik, etc. wont be playing on the same team to ensure that one team doesn't just steam roll everyone else. If you're interested in this, please leave a comment and reply to the poll. If I get enough responses/interest we will take the process further and actually try to figure out what dates work for people etc... TL;DR: NA CTF Tourney (maybe), need 16 people (preferably only NA), will be prize pool, teams or individuals okay, don't worry about skill Tenative Map Pool Idea: Monolith, Sky Temples, Spider Crossing, Camper Crossing, Future Crossing
  2. drowntheemo

    Q3CTF1 - Dueling Keeps

    Heyyo, back again. A remake of Q3CTF1. Collaboration between myself and tripats. Enjoy the map. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880719215
  3. bej

    High Rising CTF

    http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/filedetails/?id=923562270 A week or so ago, I roughly finished converting to CTF, my old-ish duel map High Rise (http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=661471601 - many thanks to lumpp for helping me with ironing out this duel map, much of which has still held true in this new CTF version). It's had a few updates in the past week or so, to just try and clean things up a bit. Seems to have gained a bit of attention mostly over on the noobschleuder server, probably my most well received (or only) non-race map. So I thought I'd open a post up here to advtertise it a little, but more than that, so that there is a place to discuss its problems for me to fix should I need to in the not too distant future. It's hopefully best in 4v4, but 3v3 seems to go well, one person mentioned it's a bit of a clusterfuck in 5v5 but I think that might be ok for non-competitive pub games. This map has given me a little hope that ctf can still be enjoyed and played in public, and perhaps I may think about converting other duel maps into ctf, rather than making fresh designs from scratch.
  4. I started this new thread here in reference to Kovaaks "we need to talk..." discussion. This thread is all about the idea of finding and play-testing a new mode, utilising the tools that we already have available to us (just like how we botched in instagib before it was a mutator); therefore trying not to waste developers time with ideas that could be unsuccessful. Having said that, I don't think it would be unreasonable to put forward an argument to the devs towards implementing a perhaps hidden test feature / ruleset / mutator should it be paramount to get a working beta environment going for a new mode, so long as enough interest is gathered. Right! So in the other forum post, in my opinion I saw three viable ideas that could be playtested right now. Using 'capture-pits' as a means to force the map to be played in each specific way. I have quickly modified Promeus' map Skytemples to cater for the three variants: Capture - represents attackers having to get to the enemy (defenders) base and take that flag back to the attackers base, similar to regular CTF. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=58718908736903488391 Push - This is where the attackers take a flag and push it into the enemy's base, like UT4's mode "FlagCap" http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=41061708048871532109 zRush - This represents Kovaaks suggested mode where any one member of the attacking team must simply get to the defending teams flag. http://s000.tinyupload.com/index.php?file_id=94094345603529066356 I have ALSO converted and uploaded to steam an old map of mine that I felt useless for current ctf, and so was binned long ago, a bit large perhaps especially for zergRush. I have placed extra placed flags that are blocked off with a glass brush, so anyone can simply and quickly convert it to a Push or zRush type mode. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=804370302 If anyone has some other ideas and modes that can be manifested in Reflexes current state, I would love to see your idea in .map form if it isn't too difficult to portray. p.s. For the maps I have converted and linked here to work in their most basic form with the least amount of effort from the devs, it would need perhaps a mutator that makes the match a game of two halves. Think about that if you want to suggest a different mode, 'how can the devs make your mode testable in it's most basic form'
  5. There were a few occasions where the flag got stuck inside walls on each of the maps (Monolith, Spider Crossings & Cofe) during the EU CTF Draft Cup. Hopefully when @Pill_ releases demos people will be able to point out the specific points to help track down the issue. Here's a screenshot from Spider Crossings with the flag inside the wall (notice the tiny bit of glow on the wall) http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=891389125
  6. Hello! Just a quick question, for team gamemodes like CTF or TDM, does this game switch sides mid-game? I'm thinking of making some asymmetrical maps to exercise my creativity
  7. drowntheemo

    Severe Compensation (WIP)

    Hello! My first time posting here, with a medium scaled FFA/TDM map. Feedback would be greatly appreciated, and have fun! Steam link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=709684910
  8. HaraldQuake

    Reflex Teammode Ladders

    Hello guys, a few days ago a friend asked me to team up with him and play Unreal Tournament 4 in 2v2 TDM on Electronic Sports League (ESL). I think it's important for Reflex promo to have Ladders on popular leagues like ESL with competetive maps and rules (current experimental ruleset?) .. Personally I would like to play teammodes in a fix team and in a ranked system. I'm not experienced in Tournament organisation but maybe we as a community could suggest to add Reflex support on ESL and then somebody could be admin for Reflex Teammode Ladders on ESL. I think it's important to have some kind of 'open' mappool (like every team could suggest their favoured homemap from steam workshop when they register for the Ladder. If that map isn't already in the pool, admins should make a vote whether or not to add the new map to the competetive mappool.) What do you think about that? Is it too early to play team based gamemodes in a ranked way? In my opinion we already have enaugh duel touranments and we should push the interesst for teammodes a bit more.
  9. owlyoop

    Gorge (CTF)

    CTF map inspired by pictures of Ronda, Spain. This is my first reflex map, but I have experience with hammer. I need to get this map into a playable state then I could include a DL link. The lightmaps are generated poorly, theres numerous places with stripes or random dark/light blobs. I wish there was a nodraw texture, then the lightmap scale could be smaller without using more memory. Also on my wishlist would be being able to select more than 1 vertex, moving a face up/down, subtractive brushes, scalable meshes on 1 axis, and a rotatable grid. I am greedy. Pictures! I am slowly artpassing it. I also need to finish adding pickups, I have never made a quake/reflex map so I am a bit lost on where they shuld go/how many. From the pics I believe I need more hp Now on the steam workshop! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=762369625
  10. ###### [map: dp6 CTF] ##################################################################################### map is on steam workshop now -> http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=725600094 mapname: the gravesite - CTF Edition gametype: CTF description: CTF Edition of The Gravesite credits and thanks to: Kovaak and CaNi for requesting it owner: def
  11. CTF Voice comms guide: In general: - When calling out when an item will spawn, use the amount of seconds left rather than the respawn time, since players use different clock directions (counting up vs counting down) - Keep it short and concise, most of the time people will get what you mean through the context of the game. For instance, if you start yelling "HIGH HIGH HIGH" just after your flag was taken, your team will most likely understand that the enemy flag carrier is trying to escape through the high route. - Call out Powerup times example: Quad in 20 seconds - Call out the position of enemy attackers example: one high entrance - Call out where the enemy flag carrier is going example: low, plasma side example: crossed (meaning he crossed mid and went into the enemy base) - Call out when you do significant damage to the enemy flag carrier/powerup carrier (think 80 damage or more) example: railed quad example rocketed flag - Call out when you kill the enemy flag/powerup carrier example: quad down at our entrance - Call out the position of enemies when your team has the flag example: three mid high - Call out when you take a powerup example: got quad - Call out when you're low on health and armor with flag/powerup, so a teammate can come to you to take it over after you suicided example: got quad but I'm low, come take it - Call out to the flag/powerup carrier which items he can take freely example: upper ya up for flag/quad - Call out when (and where!) you need help when carrying the flag (especially during a cross cap) example: need help at flag room - Call out the position of the enemy flag carrier during a cross cap example: enemy flag carrier high at rl Attackers: - Call out when enemy armors respawn, ideally you wanna be there with both attackers to steal it example: upper ya in 10 seconds - Call out when you're ready to attack the flag (in other words, when you have at least 100 armor and preferably a rocket launcher) example: ready to attack High defender: - Call out when enemy attackers are going for an attack on the flag example: incoming high lg side - Call out whether or not the certain base areas have enemies in them when your team has the flag example: high clear Flag defender: - Call out where the enemy flag carrier is going example: flag at high yellow - Call out when you're away from flag to restack example: leaving flag [...] back at flag Don't: - state the obvious example: returned the flag (your team should know this through the hud) - mix up the priorities example: saying the enemy base yellow will be up in 10 seconds when your team is battling a quad in your flag room - rage in voice comms example: how does this fucking faggot noob hit these lucky airrockets FUCK (we don't need to know when you died) example: shit they're already up 8 and it's still 10 minutes left (motherfucker we know that just play) - brag in voice comms (the most commonly broken) example: DID YOU SEE THAT SICK FUCKING AIRSHOT RETURN YOU CUNT I'M SENDING THAT TO CRAZYAL Tell me if you think I missed something. Location callouts with screenshots for the most popular maps coming soon.
  12. There's no secret that there's lacking public teamgames, no one wants to play with constantly rotating playersizes, people dropping in and out, no communication and what have you. There's also the lack of som QoL improvements in teamgames, Ammo, dropping, flagdrag, lack of maps and whatever excuse people will come up with to not play teamgames. However, since the ctf update both the EU and NA scene have been doing pickups in varying degree of sucess and playerbase, So this is a friendly reminder that if you go to the reflex discord and type !add ctf / !add tdm (or other variants) into the #pickup-na and #pickup-eu channel, we might get more regular games With all the "silly nonsense" that I call it that trouble teamgames, playing pickups with strategies and voice communication is actually really fun and helps you get to know the community better. Don't worry if it sounds stressfull and you are worried about your skills. We use a captain system and we try to get as even teams as possible, and we're all willing to teach.We just want to play the game we love and have a good time. So hop on discord and join the fun. Hopefully some of the regulars can write more poetic and jazzy so we can get the scene booming. <3
  13. Tac

    Admodum (CTF)

    Admodum is a CTF map in space ! It was called Bazinga a few months ago, but since I used the name for another map I make a new topic. Admodum has been updated according to the tips you gave me. CTF is not really my thing so all feedbacks are welcomed !
  14. Basically it shows you how fast you captured the flag. It should only work while CTF is the active game mode. Some code borrowed from @meowgli teamupdates widget and the default race time widget. MFastCaps.lua
  15. Voice pack for CTF DOWNLOAD (update 16 NOV) TEST RELEASE (update 23 NOV) What this does: "Your team has the enemy flag" .. "Enemy flag returned" .. (you get the idea). Why: ordinarily Reflex uses only a single sound file for flag steals and return (ctf_taken.wav and ctf_returned.wav) -- meaning that replacement of these files is not sufficient for distinct team/enemy audio. To correct this, I spent the past couple of days creating this widget. I have provided 2 different sound packs with the widget. You can select the one that you think sounds the best in the widget option screen (make sure you click "visible" on the widget screen or it won't work). Also adjustable on the option screen are the volume (in case it is too quiet for you) and delay. This delay I added because simultaneity of events in CTF is a somewhat common occurrence (e.g. you have the flag and are sitting on your capture point, waiting for your team flag to be returned -- as soon as it does, you score a capture). Without a delay, this simultaneity would cause multiple voices to be played at the same time. Delay is in seconds. I thought that 1.5 was a good value. If you have trouble keeping track of the voice during simultaneous events, try increasing the delay. Or decrease it if you don't mind overlapping voices. The widget and its voices should be stored in reflexfps/base/internal/ui/VOwidget One concern: the default ctf_capture_friendly.wav (in internal/effects/ctf/) seemed too loud when voices are used. You can try replacing it with a quieter sound. I used the enemy capture sound (ctf_capture_enemy.wav), that one works well. LET ME KNOW if there are any issues. Thanks to Mary for providing us with the voices.
  16. 1) Put a flag has been picked up warning siren like any other civilized ctf game out there instead of distracting message flashing across scene, its much better way of notifying. Unless its already exists and I don't know about it, make it default for noobs.2) Put a basic sound system in place that gives you some indication that someone is approaching behind your back, now you can get 3 rocketed in your ass yet wont hear a thing.2a) Add lg/rail hum and enemy approach hum , makes it infinitely better in terms of game awareness3) Make the flag slightly more visible instead of a glowing stick which is almost invisible in low settings. Its especially bad when you use white friendly/ green enemy colors because most bases are white even if flag is right there dropped in your base in some hole, no one would even notice. Another problem with the glow is that when a white guy has green flag he also looks almost green.I however like the flag trail thing, its a nice addition.4) Make the quad / carnage effect somewhat more transparent / different, right now when someone has carnage its literally impossible to tell which team he is from, I only use overlay to check that atm.5) Introduce another model with a different / softer grunt / strafe sound. quake 3 xaero is a good model The robot metal on metal is really freaking annoying when you are playing 20 mins of intense ctf.
  17. MuNgLo


    Smalish ctf map that should be ok for tdm and ffa to. Current state is just after seeing the first gameplay on it and made some changes. Looking for feedback on gameplay. Things like flow and pickup locations is the important bits now. Disregard blatant ugliness for now. There is a lot of work left to do. I hope the main routes/chokes/angles are ok and enough. ReflexFiles download 16/11-15 Updated. Fixes tweaks and better clipping on cliffsides. Moved carnage to netcage.
  18. Reedy

    [0.37] Model Size bug

    After the new update, I joined a CTF game, played a few rounds and then left to play some race. Tried playing on rr_castlerun and for those who have played it before, I couldn't fall through the gap at the beginning... Either the modelsize was changed in the update, or CTF has different models and carries that on to every other gamemode. Even after restarting the game, the modelsize didn't change. Don't know if this was intentional but please fix anyways! Reedy
  19. stickan

    CTF map request

    Hi i was wondering if some1 could remake Ruiner from quake 4? in late q4 time it was the most played map in q4ctf pickup. Really good map imo. http://imgur.com/a/GAPQs l4ctf2_beta4 ruiner_beta4
  20. memphis


    some ctf map aiming new players, easy to learn and play, nature themed. http://reflexfiles.com/file/444
  21. CrownDeaglE

    0.37.1 Flag stuck in Wall

    Seems to be an issue just on Monolith, but the flag can get stuck in the mesh in the lower exit: http://images.akamai.steamusercontent.com/ugc/382037544124117690/049A8B57556C00A2D7C7B98834775C8BF800A70E/ Neither team could pick it up.
  22. http://reflexfiles.com/file/440 it's gr8 update: set team materials on walls so colours work properly fixed loading times (removed unused prefabs, whoops) fixed light leaks
  23. Tac


    Hello, I'm far from being a ctf expert but I wanted to give it a try since the mode will be released soon (or at least I hope) so I've built : ctf_Bazinga I've uploaded it on ReflexFiles (http://reflexfiles.com/file/437) so you can help me to improve it. Moreover, your answers may help other ctf beginner mappers. Short presentation : 3v3-4v4 map. Very open bases, close middle medium size, each team got ; 1RA, 2YA, 1MH, 1 x each weapon. There is a carnage at the center. My concerns and global questions : - Is there enough health/armor ? Should I look at the most played quake ctf map and just input the same number, or is it more map related ? - The map is too small for a 4v4 ? To big for a 3v3 ? how to define the team size ? - all weapons ? Is it necessary ? Of course, I think the best way to get my answers is to try it on the field but maybe there are some basic rules to follow. I'm sure there will be a guide soon enough anyway. Thank you for your comments! Tac
  24. Soulmarine

    [Eliteforce] Deltastation [WIP]

    WIP Preview download here: http://www.mediafire.com/download/wyn2d0jnbq9r701/SMR-Deltastation.rar Map is Work in progress, so yea there are some bugs.. I need help with weapon/pickup placement, check out existing placement in map preview...any comments or feedback would be helpful
  25. Devil

    CTF1 Modified Remake

    Working on a CTF1 remake that will be modified to suit Reflex's faster CPM physics. This version is already a slightly modified version of CTF1 that debuted in an Insta-Unlagged tournament back in like 2004. This is going to be a remake of my own remake if that makes sense. This time around I'm going to clean up poor brush work and add new features such as double jumps and beveled edges for speed. One thing I never liked about this map was the huge bottleneck in the middle of the map. There are no alternate routes so a 5v5 clan CTF game on this map was furious and bloody in the middle. I'm not going to add additional routes to this map because it's been done before and they are generally not well received. So I'm just going to focus on some very small modifications that will improve the flow and make for a more strategic advantage for attackers and not defenders. This map heavily favors defenders so I'm going to try and even that out by putting better pickups in the center of the map therefore discouraging turtle defenses. Reflex makes it so easy to find light leaks and do much more precise brush work to contain light leaks. As you can see there are leaks everywhere. There are hundreds of tiny brushes in here. Admittedly I was a really piss poor map designer back in 2004 and had no idea how to fix light leaks. Thanks to Chronokuns Q3ToReflex map converter for doing such an amazing job that it ported over all of my old mistakes too. Even though CTF mode still seems like a long way off I'm going to do this just as a fun project. Don't intend for this map to be played much and it certainly cannot ever be released with Reflex or entered into mapping competitions. It's a good project just to rehash an old friendly face that's all. This will be another build topic and probably one that I'll be live streaming while working on in the future. I'm not really into 1v1 or FFA maps. It's a CTF life for me. These are the kind of maps that I'd rather be working on.