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Found 4 results

  1. I've set up a dedicated server running on a Win 10 system out of my shop on an FTTC connection. It works fine, and now I'm trying to make sure that the server will load on startup, so that if the system crashes, it will automatically reboot and run the Reflex server I've got that working, however it gives a message saying that it could not load dedicatedserver.cfg I have no idea why. If i run the server manually, it loads the config file. But when run by task scheduler on startup, it does not. Is the program hardcoded to look for and load 'dedicatedserver.cfg'. I assume so because that is what it seems to do so. Not sure if I need to supply an argument to the exe when it is loaded by task scheduler? Please help!
  2. I am a member of a small gaming community called laerad.net. We mostly hang out in IRC and talk about anything and everything, but play games together, hosted by the founder of the community on a beastly server hosted by Hetzner in Germany. T'is nice! At one point it ran a Minecraft modpack with 263 mods in the modpack. Currently it hosts a few Minecraft servers and occasionally other things such as Starbound, Starmade, and whatever else we're playing at the moment. I set up a self-hosted server in the UK just recently and I just wanted to share the fact in the hope that people will check it out and test it. It is set to record replays, which I will try and make accessible via a webpage. But that might take a whie. Address of the gameserver is reflex.ccgames.uk or reflex.laerad.net. Come chat with us at chat.laerad.net if you want (or via an IRC client on esper.net). Hope to frag you soon on my first self-hosted gameserver! I am feeling quite pleased with myself
  3. Brutus

    Help with Port Forwarding

    Hi everyone, im from Argentina, sorry for my bad english, i try to create a server, but i cant see them in the list of servers. i have a router Huawei HG630, i try every combination possible. But http://canyouseeme.org/ say's: Error: I could not see your service on 190.XX.XXX.XXX on port (25787) and 25797 I'm doing something wrong? IMAGE: excuse my low english, im from SA and i like to Host one server permanently. i tried for reflexded but if i can't in the game. in cant for console. I will appreciate the help!
  4. rudiporto

    Server not working

    My friend create a server , open ports but players cant join. Whats the problem?