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Found 18 results

  1. ParkourGrip

    More interesting race gamemode.

    I have a suggestion/idea. I think that race game mode would be much more interesting if played in rounds where all players start at the same time. Here is a example of how its done in Trackmania: Basically make all the players on the server start the race at the same time and make them get the points based of the place they managed to take or time difference or something. When the first player crosses the finish other players have X time to complete the race. X can be constant for all maps or map dependent. They can play Y amount of rounds on the same map then the server shows the overall score and switches to next map or whatever. It makes the racing less repetitive to watch, more exciting, less about trying the same thing 1 000 000 times, more about consistency and you have the option to take the slower but easier rout on the map if you think your opponent will fail if he tries to go on the more difficult one. Maybe some of the current race maps are too inconsistent for that kind of thing but we can make easier maps or maps with possible easier but slower routs. Of course it would be stupid to delete a already existing race mode but i would call that mode timeattack and this mode race since it makes more seance. Anyway this is just a suggestion that I would like to see implemented but of course the developers know what is the most important things to do right now I just want them to take this into consideration. No problems if you disagree its just a suggestion
  2. I made this thread to compile the movement maps I'm working on. First map is based on a map by cheZDa and Mew () who I asked for permission to repost, taking the 1st level of the freestyle course as a foundation and building it up a lot with color and some basic lights (although I'd like to perfect the lighting more but I have a bad GPU so others could tackle that if they wanted). movehaus1-parkour (download) current version: 1.0 https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9r8e5iru84FY2xXVlUzeWhSdDA/ The map is based on elemental shapes inspired by the geometry that cheZDa chose for the first level: stairs, boxes, ramps, armatures. elemental colors tag the shapes for recognition, hopefully forming a sort of visual language for movement in the player's mind with which they can compose sentences and paragraphs of movement. Titled movehaus after the bauhaus/kandinsky aesthetic and the MOVE map taken as inspiration. Of course people wanted to play FFA on it, so it forked into an FFA version, movehaus1-dm, which I am still working on. The twist for FFA is 2 units of lava covering the floor, such that you wont take damage as long as you are always hopping through the lava and don't stop or run into anything or get knocked down. bldf1 new strafe map, gonna start cranking these out very fast. Trying to make them for new-ish people, i.e. not too hard but not too easy, should take some work and be a way to improve. http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=81 bldf2 In this one, you'll have to combine strafe jumping, bunny hopping, and double jump. Note that when changing from a strafe jump to a bunny hop turn, if you let go of strafe and hold only W to start the turn, then switch to strafe to make a sharper turn you might find transition easier and lose less speed; using only W will always conserve your speed coming out of a strafe but you can't turn as sharply with it or gain speed. (video) (download) http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=96 bldf3 Another map combining strafejumping, bunnyhopping, doublejumps, and ramps. Experimenting with multiple routes and possible shortcuts for higher skill levels, although it's still awkward trying to build outside my own skill with these minimal maps, an interesting learning process. (video) (download) https://www.dropbox.com/s/ame3ybo5hza1zok/bldf3.map?dl=0 bldf4 A tower map, 2 checkpoints on the way up, good luck! (video) (download) http://www.reflexfps.net/forums/index.php?app=core&module=attach&section=attach&attach_id=106

    rr_hexrun is now out!

    So I was trying to make maps out of as many pre-afabs as I could as a challenge and this is what I ended up with, a map that is only 55KB. http://reflexfiles.com/file/461 Sorry dial up users, the screen shots are 4k.
  4. Download Link on Reflexfiles.com A circular race map for fun. Go around as fast as possible, use rockets, plasma or whatever it takes. Original map by Chronokun, race conversion by MAD_JIHAD. Link to original map by Chronokun

    rr_dam is out!

    Download Link on Reflexfiles.com I need tuhma to do a run on the most recent version so I can have something to show people how to do it. Its very tough.
  6. 3elements is a movement / race map I made to become better in the movement. The map can be challenging if you're not familiar with the movement but once you know the basics and have completed the map a few times, you should be able to do it pretty quickly. I added a megahealth at the start so if you want to time your try, grab that (you get that on the first area tele exit) and do your run, you can count how many seconds your run took from the remaining health if you made it within 99 seconds. Might still edit it or add something but I'm relatively happy with the current release. Thanks to Everyone who tried this map while I was making this map. There are way too many people to name mainly because I'm bad with names and there were so many of you testing out my map. The map wouldn't be as close as good as it is now without the comments and support of the players. Please comment on the map and let me know how fast you manage to do the run. I managed 61 seconds with some mistakes and without any shortcuts so it should be fairly easy to beat that. Download http://reflexfiles.com/file/169 Screenshots Video (I'd recommend playing through the map first but here's a bad playthrough if you want to see it...) Could someone explain why the jump at the end of the video gets me higher than usually? I have no idea why that happens sometimes. Changelog
  7. Hi guys! So I've been pretty busy with uni and building the Aus Reflex site over the last two weeks, with heaps more to go, as well as organising a cup. I'm asking for some help to collate good race / movement maps in a single thread so I can launch a decent server simply by clicking the links you provide and installing them on my host, before launching the server. Any help as always is greatly appreciated, and kudos to anyone who gives me some assistance with this. Just list the map name and a link to the latest version if you can be bothered to help a guy with his time stretched thin build a better community. Might help others wanting to launch a similar server as well. Edit: any maps you add will be listed in this original post for the benefit of other server hosts Cheers - remm
  8. ZenManifold


    New race map, rockets this time. http://reflexfiles.com/file/291 glhf
  9. ZenManifold


    New race map. Starts easy, gets hard. Very simple design. http://reflexfiles.com/file/280
  10. ZenManifold


    new race map! reflexfiles page: http://reflexfiles.com/file/272 screenshots on reflexfiles page.
  11. ZenManifold


    RACE! Hopefully this will work well for players of all skills. Here ya go: http://reflexfiles.com/file/265 Screen shots on the reflexfiles page.
  12. arzjee


    defrag map made by me download Hold off from building the lightmap just yet, as most of the map lighting isn't done yet and the map will be pretty dark
  13. This map was inspired by the great defrag freestyle tricking videos, such as Cattuthaj Jhana, Trickin IT 2, and many others. I noticed a lack of freestyle defrag maps in ReFlex, so I wanted to make one specifically designed for it. Certain jump pads launch you at a little over the speed of rockets, allowing you to stack rockets easily or create your own runs. I plan on adding teleporters for more advanced tricks and easier vertical movement on the next release. The map is themed to look like a construction yard with easy to see colors and contrast in order to aim shots. Feel free to share on defrag servers, updates to the map will come once more testing is done and will be posted in this thread. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Please start the map in aTDM (callvote mode aTDM) in order to have unlimited ammo/health. There is no point to this map other than having fun, doing tricks, and practicing movement. Enjoy Download Link
  14. Devil

    Devils DeFlex

    Just picked up Reflex the other day and I love it so far. The map editor is so much easier to work with than Radiant in some respects but missing a lot of features currently. Started working on a training facility called Deflex named after a combination of Defrag + Reflex. The goal is to make it a comprehensive training facility where veteran players can take beginners for movement and physics training. Inspired by XCM_Tricks2 and Tr1ckhouse_beta3 from Quake 3 where myself and likely many of you spent days or weeks training. Circle Jump Trainer: 24 lanes with color coded ledges. Each lane increments by 8u making jumps incrementally harder to challenge any skill level. Strafe Jumping Trainer: 6 color coded lanes. They scale exponentially to different skill levels. Will probably break each lane up with 2 pads per lane for a total of 12 skill levels. Rocket Jump Trainer: Maximum height trainer. 32 color coded lanes. Each ledge height is increased by 8u. Teleport Jump Trainer: Similar to the circle jump trainer but relying on teleport double jumps to help you figure out your maximum teleport jump distance. Rocket Jump Course: Beginner level linear course 2X Rocket Jump Course: Learn how to use 2 rockets at once. Stair Jump Course: Dustin built the advanced course. We have yet to build a beginner and intermediate course. Double-Jump Course: Run style course focusing on double jumps built by mr.worm. Teleporter Jump Course: Another room built by Dustin to teach you basic teleporter jumping techniques. Next: Stake Jumping Because Reflex currently does not have the ability to remove weapons you can cheat most sections by using weapons not designed for the course. Since they are training courses the only thing really being cheated is your own skills development. Cheat them or not doesn't matter to us because it will only hurt your own progression as a player. I'm not going to make the map file available yet because it's still way too early for that. This is a build topic for DeFlex.
  15. UltraKill

    DeFrag map #1

    Hello, im a beginner in this system. (2 times played and 1 time opened map editor ) I long time play quake 3 and quake live, and i really love strafe jumping and wanna to create maps for this awesome game, cause there strafing is goodest tha quake after finishing this map, will think about some bigger. vid. ------------ FINISHED! This is my first work, and i was maded by myself skill. (can be hard, can be easy..) place files from archive in your game directory, for example: Steamsteamappscommonreflexfpsbaseinternalmaps --- some pix: Video. (i hace cutted a few parts, cause not from 1-st time doned the strafing ) Rate and have fun! UltraKill
  16. Hi, Like it's very important for the Arena modes and like I already made many and many private lessons in the past and a bit in Reflex for all the types of rocket jumps I prefered to make a Defrag map right now. At the moment the map have only 4 levels with 38 corridors for each level, but in the futur and with some good ideas many levels could be added. Level 1 : Using a vertical wall for doing a rocket jump for the higher speed only. The last corridor pass 1024 units in length and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units. Level 2 : Using only the floor for doing a rocket jump for the higher speed only. The last corridor pass 1024 units in length and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units. Level 3 : Using a bumper to have 854ups and doing a rocket jump on the floor for the higher speed and a final height of 288 units. The last corridor pass 1136 units in length and 288 in height and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units in length and 2 units in height. Level 4 : Using a bumper to have 854ups and doing a rocket jump on the floor for the higher speed only. The last corridor pass 1520 units in length and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units. Link : http://reflexfiles.com/file/174 Feedback : I already spec a beginner during a test on my serv' and on the first level he failed the second corridor at his first try but manage after and continued the next... and omg! he said me "I like this map"! Yeah! Youtube : Thanks : To my mates like always! And to Smilecythe for the youtube!
  17. Hi, It's really good to have some hard maps but the players I see on my Defrag server are... really beginners and I don't think they understand what they should managed to do in the most of time... But yes, we have already some beginners maps really pretty and with some youtube video but not for the pads, one of the fundamental imo. At the moment I have brpads but this pads are not for beginners tbh... So plz, somebody could help with some beginners and advanced pads maps plz ? Regards
  18. ZLive did a recap of the defrag world cup, which if youre not familiar is a competition for quake III arena defrag mod, a series of time trials in both q3a and cpm-like physics. It's very nice to watch even for people who aren't familiar with the mod, feels like watching olympic luge or bobsled or something. and I'm wondering if it gives you some ideas for what you'd like to see in reflex. https://steamcommunity.com/linkfilter/?url=http://www.twitch.tv/zlive/b/592043050