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Found 2 results

  1. 'THE Bad Place' - : ( Firstly I'd like to thank some people for their help: Kovaak helped me immeasurably with the revision of this map, spending many hours with me with his uncompromising eye for quality. His superior experience in both qw and dm4 enabled a much closer feel to the original map than my first version: tele targets and trigger points were moved, pickup locations modified, overall scale revised, visuals altered. https://www.youtube.com/user/KovaaK http://www.twitch.tv/kovaak_of_qw Zita for his 1on1 help and feedback at times, plus his excellent build guide which taught me a lot, please help him out by voting up his edit guide on steam. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=338725123 Shpuld for his outrageously helpful map scaling script: Without this neat little tool it could have taken me an extra week and a half to arrive at what we thought was the best scale for this remake. His thread should be stickied in my opinion. Original thread: This will be the last build of this map I release until ammo packs are released in game, once that happens the dynamics will change a lot. I've been pleasantly surprised at how well this map plays out in duel, and with allowances for the obvious differences due to the differing core game mechanics: how much it feels like the qw version. Of course if I want the best dm4 experience, I'm going to load up ezQuake every time, this version is a mimic that will never replace what qw has to offer, but nevertheless I believe it offers a good quality experience in reflex as reflex is right now. Changes from first revision: Teleporter activation points and targets moved. Items repositioned for more fluid experience. Map rescaled to 9:8, remake:original. The 1:1 version was far too fast and small, even in comparison to the original experience, the jumps possible in this version would have diminished the requirement for strategy. Carnage added for non 1v1 gametypes. Some corridors slightly restricted to force ammo pickups once packs are released for reflex. Ledges leading out from ammo room lowered slightly to mimic original. Items: Armour 2 x light 1 x medium 1 x heavy Health 1 x 100 7 x 25 1 x 5 Weapons 1 x burstgun 1 x shotgun 1 x grenade launcher 1 x plasma rifle 2 x rocket launcher 1 x ion cannon Powerups 1 x Carnage (not 1v1) Video: http://www.twitch.tv/kovaak_of_qw/c/5510968 https://mega.co.nz/#!o1xWmCYK!F443nGiDvLpJ6oijsWUjlBvii-lNwDatcCQcAUV5WOg
  2. Praxismo


    Made a scaled perfect reproduction of my favourite map: dm4. I scaled it at 3:2 because novices can pick up speed easier in reflex imo, I will do another two reproductions in future, one at 1:1 and another as yet undecided, possibly 5:4. I'll let the community decide which is their favourite once I've got them out. Two things disappointed me about the build: it is not possible to clip yourself on the ledges at lower exit to ammo room, I tried to fix this somehow but decided to leave it as it is because I didn't want to sacrifice any viewing/shooting angles into or out of the room; secondly, due to the max step height of 16 units being the same in qw and reflex, I could not recreate exactly the same aesthetics for the stairs, although I did do the best job I could and maintain the same original gradient. Overall however I am very happy with the result, this being my first build ever; I've had a few games in it, both duel and ffa, and I think it's a lot of fun, I don't think it's ever going to be possible to fully recreate the qw experience in any other engine, but I would like to get as close to that as possible in reflex. I found the vast majority of the jumps from the qw version to be possible, even the escape from the lava pit although this is perhaps more difficult. I appreciate any feedback whatsoever. Items: Armour 2 x light 1 x medium 1 x heavy Health 1 x 100 7 x 25 1 x 5 Weapons 1 x shotgun 1 x grenade launcher 1 x plasma rifle 2 x rocket launcher 1 x ion cannon Download: https://mega.co.nz/#!o44lQQYL!-kgN2T9c45epKja2zRxFaexF8DEmBFTVSOSy3xrdxTk