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Found 1 result

  1. Converted and fixed up a few things on one of my favorite CPM maps, while I know converts aren't super popular I don't exactly think it was a heavily played map compared to the big 3 at least. Either way I learned a lot about brushwork and how lighting works from working on this. In its current state I do not think that the map is overly balanced and I was playing with ideas of moving weapons around to allow the person off stack to have somewhat of a chance but that will come with time. Anyway here is a quick change-log and some screenshots. I was also unable to find any trace of Eizid being online since 2008 so I hope he's okay with me converting his map . :~) Steam Workshop Page http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=611578060 Current RefleFiles download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/542 Old ReflexFiles download: (Keeping this version for Legacy Purposes) http://reflexfiles.com/file/81 Initial release (12/19/14) / Changes from CPM version -Raised ground+ trim near lower RL 8u to allow jumps up the ledge -Raised the lower ledges on both sides of the MH 8u to allow a jump from YA ledge to GL bridge -Raised the 2x 25 ramp area 4u to allow jumps up to the SG/GA area -Redid brushwork above YA to try and fix some alignment issues. -Added a large amount of trim brushes -Added 2 5 health bubbles on the ledge across from RA -Removed a number of large brushes that I did not plan to use for detailing -Reworked the 2 lights near the 2x 25 ramp -Reworked the teleports using praximo's quad texture idea First Update (12/20/14) -Fixed pickups being 4u above the ground in a couple places -Fixed some texture alignment bugs near upper YA -Fixed some texture bugs above chaingun -Added some nolight textures to hidden brush faces Second Update (2/13/15) -Fixed texture bugs in main atrium near teleport exit -Fixed texture bug on ceiling near upper YA -Fixed texture bug near RL side of RA platform -Fixed small texture bug under upper YA platform -Fixed trim brush being too large on RL side of RA platform -Added trim near PG stairs -Added trim to stairs in main atrium -Added endgame camera -Redid brushwork on LG platform to fix a few lighting issues as well as add proper trim to the under side -Redid some brushwork in MH room to fix some lighting bugs -Fixed ceiling brush near GA not being properly nolighted -Fixed some wall brushes near MH not being properly nolighted -Added detail brushes to the 8u->16u trim connections -Moved light near under LG -Added light near under LG -Added light above GA -Moved lower YA more towards RA room -Added light above lower YA -Added light on GL bridge -Added light near dropdown to 25 healths -Nolighted more hidden faces -Added sky light near MH tele exit -Removed all pointlights -Removed trim brushes at the base and top of stairs -Lowered detail brushes above rail 4u to line up with trim -Lowered high trim above 2x25 health dropdown to line up with other trim -Redid brushwork on connector beam above the upper RL -Redid brushwork on connector beam above the GA -Redid cieling area above GA -Reworked the huge clip brush above the map slightly -Adjusted the angled brush above RA teleport Third Update (Workshop Publication) (1/30/16) -Renamed the map to "Outworld" (May change in the future) -Fully retextured and retrimmed the map -Added weapon symbol meshes under all of the weapon pickups -Reworked brush geometry outside the map to reduce and fix light leaks -Added a brush to better show the "pixelwalk" near GL ledge -Added light meshes to the inside of the brushwork lights to give dynamic light effects -Converted quite a bit of stuff to prefabs (Mainly stairs/lights)