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Found 1 result

  1. sane

    Sanetopia 2! The Return!

    VODS: HERE GGS EVERYONE 1) SANE - $100 2) AZK - $55 3) KOVAAK - $30 DATE CHANGED! SUNDAY JULY 26th, 12PM PST / 3PM EST NORTH AMERICAN TOURNAMENT Just like a movie you have been waiting for 10 years to come out, just like the child you have waited for 9 months, and just like the job you wish you didn't have to work... http://challonge.com/NAsanetopia2 SANETOPIA IS BACK! SANETOPIA 2: THE RETURN! Now that the DPOne tournament is done, we can all take a break and relax without training for any new tournaments.... phew....WRONG! Sanetopia is back, with the largest prize pool in REFLEX history, hitting $500 total prize pool. We are now looking to SURPASS that goal and the main goal is $1,000 prizepool! I will also donate and try to help out the community! You have all been waiting for this moment to redeem your selves in the sanetopia CUP, now is your chance!! I already made a poll to see what maps will be played and everything is SET! "God bless you sane, we love you dearly" - (reflex communtity 2015) TOURNAMENT INFO! Map Pool: DP4 / DP5 / THCDM13 (NEW VERSION) / THCT2 / THCT7 Date: Sunday July 26th, 2015 - 12PM PACIFIC / 3PM EASTERN TIME Prize Pool: GOAL $1,000 SEND DONATIONS TO: agsaneman@gmail.com Sign ups: HERE Stream: PHGP & DEF STREAM DONATIONS GO TO: agsaneman@gmail.com TOTAL: $185 1) Sane - $50.08 2) Mistergreen - $30 3) AZK - $50 4) Klyph0rd - $10 5) Gls - $34.92 6) PHGP_Holi - $10 * IF THIS STAYS TOTAL $185 THEN LAYOUT IS: * 1st) $100 2nd) $55 3rd) $30