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Found 7 results

  1. Hi, 2v2 is really fun, but sadly the pickup bot isn't working for NA. Also, it was rare to get pickups going anyway, so I want to know if anybody is interested in weekly 2v2 matches on weekends. -ReX
  2. Im a sucker for coloured names in Quake, Warsow and Xonotic, so you can imagine my heartbreaking dissapointment (not rly xD), when i saw there was no option for coloured naming or text. Y u do dis? PLS DO DIS Edit: wait did i just write "name's" in the title? I must be daft.
  3. Title. So that passwords can be entered on stream without all the viewers seeing it!
  4. Rocket block

    I had a cool idea. What if you could hit back projectiles (rockets mainly) with the melee? Kinda like how the pyro can reverse rockets with the second fire in tf2. Any thoughts?
  5. Motion Blur for streamers?

    Hey guys, unfortunately i had to stop relfexing in the last months since i had to switch to Linux. I still try to see all the (surprisingly numerous) competitions and am quite amazed about the changes in the style and also in some maps. It's really very cool to see this (admittedly from a distance for the moment...). But with all the streaming I was a little unhappy with the image quality sometimes. twitch (still based on flash) seems to be quite laggy on Linux still - although the recent gfx-driver update really changed a lot for me in terms of higher-fps videos on youtube. But having these lags on twitch got me thinking a bit: I know most of the more serious fps gamers play above 60fps at 120 or even 144 hz. But the streaming is only with a maximum of 60. So it would be quite cool if reflex had a way of blurring two frames into one another to improve the image quality for the 60fps stream. Reflex in general is such a fast game that it is hard to follow when watching the streams sometimes. some flicks are so fast they often look a little glitchy. So maybe this would be a nice thing for reflex in general. If you play yourself you need the highest fps available. But when you are merely watching the dropped frames 50% when changing from 120hz to 60 hz) could be turned into something good. There's a crazy frag video on YouTube called 'the Hungarian Odyssey ' where you can see what happens when a few guys entertain each other for a significant part of their lives in something like cpm22 (it's one of the best cpma frag videos) the video looks really great because of motion blur. I was wandering if reflex would look better with that feature. The blur could even be 'intelligent' - like 'do not blur frames when going through a teleporter' or something like that. What do you guys think?
  6. Hi, Is it possible to add the gametype to the server demo naming convention at all please? Like: tdm_smiledm1_16Jun2015_1619_0markers.rep 1v1_thct7_300JediNerds_n0x_15Jun2015_1959_0markers.rep Thanks! - remm
  7. Hey there, ReflexFPS Australia had our first TDM Tuesday tonight, and we had 9 people. So I sat out while the others played, and I couldn't tell who was on what team. It looked like a FFA going on because all of the player outlines were set to the enemy outline. Would be good for team games (from a spectator or caster's POV) to get red/blue forced models or at least be able to discern via outlines which team was which. Thanks for reading. - remm