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Found 2 results

  1. ish


    This is my entry into the official mapping competition. A dedicated 2v2 map, it is now in its final form. If you have any questions, or oppinions toward or regarding the map - feel free to post them here. Feedback encouraged. Ironguard steampage: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=841034911&searchtext=ironguard
  2. InstiGibz

    Death Messages and Chat widget

    Hello guys, I said in my previous thread​, I've been working on separating chat & notifications messages from death and race messages. I've succeeded and I'm now here to share the widgets with you all. I'd like to state that I'm no expert in coding and scripting, and have very limited knowlegde regarding software development. Although most of the time I understand what's written in someone else's code, but if I'm asked to replicate it, I can't – I can't write my own code. So here are the widgets: Both wigets are based on Reflex' original ChatLog.lua file, so the "changes" section below the widgets tell you which features have been removed from-, modified in-, or added into the original file. None of them require any additonal files. ___________________________________________________________________________________ Chat:​ Special thanks to Qualx for letting me use his file. Changes:​ Removed death & race messages (Qualx' work).​Re-colorized the different type of chat messages: All global chat messages are shown in green, team chat messages are shown in cyan, and specator team chat messages are shown in yellow.​Removed " (team)" text from team chat messages next to the player's name. ​When typing into the chat box, it's going to tell you next to your name in brackets which channel you're going to send your message to (global, team, spec). Also, when typing into the box, all messages are shown in white regardless of channel, and they get colored once they are sent.​Notifications (Player entered the game etc.) are now shown in white, and they got a "Server: " prefix. As like the server's telling you what the clients are doing.​​Screenshots: Bugs: no known bugs.Download Prints: Changes: Removed chat messages & notifications.Sceenshots: Bugs: no known bugs.Download ​___________________________________________________________________________________ ​I tried to clear up the codes of the widgets as much as possible. Hopefully no junk is left. I tried to spend as much time as possible on testing the widgets, but since I was working alone I probably didn't encounter situations where the widgets would get bugged and start printing errors into the console. However, I got no bugs – no bugs, not that I'm aware of. ​Feedback is highly appreciated! ​Have a nice day,​ InstiGibz