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Found 3 results

  1. VN1X

    Rllmuk Reflex Tournament

    As some of you know I've put together a small tournament which will be held July 14 15 at 9pm BST. While we're no longer accepting entries I am streaming it for all to see! Rest assured it will be full of chaos, missed shots, wrenches to the face and a healthy amount of robotic gibs. Come hang out during the stream and be in awe of the amazing* skill put on display. This Friday at 9PM bst on Twitch.tv/VN1X. More info there. *not that amazing
  2. Hey, Thought it would be good to get an off-topic forum up and running for discussion about random stuff and the like. Just my 2c. Cheers - remm
  3. hey devs! i really like the option to build my own maps in reflex, but: the problem i see in this forum is, that its just too much maps have been created and nobody can really filter to his/her needings. i would suggest to get some sub-categories like 1v1 / CTF / TDM / FFA / Arena / movement / whatever saying that, some moderator has to clean up anything and move to correct categories. thats only the first step i would like to see. the problem is that 95% of all maps released are bullshit for competitive playing (including my own) it would be nice to see some rating system, so that you could have 2nd sub-categorie in maybe 1v1 like "competitive" and "casual" or something. if it gets rated for competitive, its getting sometime in this subfolder just a thought. coz its now its just a pain in the eyes. nobody really cares about any feedback, coz its just too much if many maps get de-rated a lot, maybe some ppl will just stop building maps coz its nonsense, or directly release to fun-area where they are fine i dont wanna be offensive or aggressive to anyone and apologize in advance if i do so. but its just shit to get real good maps without any filtering and focussing on good maps, to make it real competitive due to important feedback. i hope u get me right with what i am writing. i am not that good with this stuff regards def