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Found 2 results

  1. Hey there! I'm new to mapping in general but thought I'd try it for Reflex. So far I'm really enjoying it! This is a map that I've made in about a week and a half or so... I've done some testing with friends and it's a lot of fun! These pictures are of course with the light map built already. Known issues: - Mega can only be reached through advanced movement (circle/strafe/teleport jump) - Rocket splash goes through green and mega platforms - Overall, players that are not adept at double jumps are at a severe disadvantage Items: - One Quad - Two Rocket Launchers - One each of the rest of the weapons (sans burst gun) - One each of the armors - Thirteen Shards - One Mega - Two 50 Healths - Six 25 Healths - Eight 5 Healths Feel free to provide feedback, both positive and negative! (UPDATE 1/21/2015) shddm1b2 Added another platform near mega and moved quad pillar closer to purple ledge; This now means mega is reachable without advanced movement. Also updated some of the lighting.
  2. Deyat

    New Map - "Deyat_FFA1"

    Heyo mapping community! I've made maps in other games for quite a while, but this right here is my first map on Reflex! I'm lovin' it so far, are you lovin' it? Well you won't know till you try it! Got you an img of it right here! ---> http://i.imgur.com/Vo490mQ.jpg Terrible image, I know. =/ This is my first pass on this map, as I haven't had anyone but myself to test it thus far. This is where you all come in! I want to hear feedback! Let me know of any bugs, glitches, balance issues you have with this map and I'll make sure to look them over. This map was designed for an FFA of 4 to 6 people, though I'm sure more or less would work just fine. Download it right here right now! ---> https://www.dropbox.com/s/trbbkuggxhequju/Base.zip?dl=0 Hope you all enjoy my creation! ^.^ Happy fragging! -Planning on making more maps; I have a ton of ideas and I love making em!