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Found 5 results

  1. igotyoupham

    Should Reflex Arena be free?

    So, nearly everybody that plays Reflex Arena enough to understand the game agrees that the game is quite close to perfection, but it's lacking a playerbase. What if Reflex Arena went free and had weapon skins like Quake Champions does? Perhaps there can be consolation in the form of skins or colors exclusive to only the people that paid for reflex like the current playerbase. What do you guys think?
  2. ish

    How to: 3D Model reflex files

    What program has been used to create the 'reflex.mesh' files in the internal.pak, because i would love to create a stakegun for myself - since the current one is boring. I never worked with any 3D modeling software and before i spend credits on programs that don't work, i would rather be certain it is the right one. I found this thread here, but i can't tell what to do from it.
  3. Black_Teeth

    Custom Player Models

    Hello Everyone, I was wondering if it would be possible at the current stage of Reflex for a user to implement their own created player models. Or, custom skins for models (if that even makes sense). I don't know anything about the Reflex game engine, so I have no idea how feasible this would be. I remember in older version of counter-strike it was relatively easy, and there was a sizeable community development around this area of model/skin customization. And if it is not possible, are there any plans to open this up in the future?
  4. TornadoStorm

    Will there be skin drops?

    Hello Can't wait to see the new update roll out, containing SKINSSS! (Or whatever they're called) But can't help to ask, will there be some sort of skin-drop system in future, where you have a random chance of getting a skin somehow? (For example, a very small chance of gaining an item every time you die in TF2, or when you rank up in CS GO, or simply logging in once per day) EDIT: By 'In future' I mean when the game gets a good number of skins, whether it's some time soon or in late future
  5. frwny

    EU Mumble Server

    Mumble server for all you EU folks, feel free to join whenever and set up temporary chanells or whatever if you want. Also if you want to use it for any tournament or event feel free, just ask me on Steam so I can set up permissions and channels and shit. My Steam link is on my website is my signature. The same goes for my Reflex server. IP: mumble.heyqtwhatsyour.name Port: 64738 Reflex server: connect connect reflex.heyqtwhatsyour.name:25832 EDIT: also feel free to use it for games other than Reflex if you want EDIT 2: shootout to swiftnode for hooking me up with a free mumble server, port has changed to 64738 now