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Found 5 results

  1. jeromegood

    Reflex Freezes computer

    I am trying to get into this game and soon after I launch a match (just training missions right now) my entire computer freezes and completely locks up, requiring me to manually turn it off and on again. This happens in no other games and my overclock is stable. Kind of confused and frustrated at this happening because I want to get into this game. Thanks, Jeromegood System Specs: AMD FX 8350 @ 4.6 1070 Founder's Edition 16 GB DDR3 I am running windows 10.
  2. EpikHllo

    Profile freeze

    hey everyone i just wanted to know if im the only one having the bug when in the main menu or in game when you click on profile...it just automatically freezes ...it resets all my resolution settings and the worst......resets my key bindings...any help will be appreciate.
  3. I can't seem to load into servers that have workshop maps. I'm currently trying to join any of the reflexfps.net.au servers that have the map Fusion or Ruin loaded on them, and they are simply not loading. This is as far as I ever get.
  4. Hello, I thought of letting you know as I've been encountering this on a daily basis. Basically what happens is that at some point of my gaming session the game just freezes my computer. No sound and the picture stays still at my screen. Computer doesn't take any input and the only way to get around it is to force restart the whole computer. AMD FX8320 16gb RAM Nvidia GTX750 Windows 10 Pro Edit: I found out that the overclocks of my computer were part of the reason, but still this problem only occurs in Reflex. Without any overclocks my CPU is around 70c, while in idle its 25c and in other games around 30-50c. Is there a way I could make my tempatures lower while playing Reflex? I also have some video footage of whats happening if It's any help.
  5. Used both 0.27 and build 0.28.1 After using editor for around 15-30 minutes causes creating, moving or re-sizing brushes to freeze game for around 10 seconds after each adjustment. Map that I'm editing is fairly large(map file over 1mb in size). Reloading map seems to fix this issue for next 15-30 minutes until it reoccurs. Moving brushes fast without holding down alt or shift or mouse buttons down for longer period of time seem to help a little. Moving pickup items, lights and other things doesn't seem to cause freezing, only brushes. Feels like some data is being stored rapidly and later starting to choke. This started happening after adding more detail brushes to the map. Oddly enough it is not consistent either, it might happen first few times and then I change location in map where editing is possible for next 5 minutes. Win7 64-bit, GTX570, i7 CPU 950 @ 3.07GHz, 4GB RAM