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Found 6 results

  1. Goulox

    Suggestions on timing

    Hello, I read the recent topics from Kovaak "We need to talk about the state of the game" and also the topic from Colossus "Widgets/Addons and what is considered cheating?". I must say there are quite a lot of interesting ideas. While everybody agree that timing items is a laborious part of the game for new players (and even for experienced players, doing calculation is not the funniest part of the game), it is very difficult to imagine a replacement solution without altering the gameplay, at the expense of tactics. So, I would like to propose a solution on this particular aspect (timing) which is valuable both for duel and multiplayer modes, taking inspiration from all I read recently on this forum. Main idea : no timers but auto-timers When -and only if- a player : see an item pickup (visible on screen) OR hear an item pickup (the sound is played on his client side) : then the corresponding timer is set accordingly automatically The timers are displayed just like the timers in casual/spec mode At the moment the timer is set, there is a visual effect to enhance it on the hud (example : the item's logo grows/blinks...) In team game modes, the timers are shared among the players of a team HUD improvements (for readability and new players) : when a player as no information on an item timing : the corresponding timer in the hud have to express it clearly (ex. with symbol '???') If item is up : the symbol in the hud has to be more explicit ( ex. blinking '!!UP!!' , and not just like the current one : '-') Properties : Easier to time (no more calculations) Make timing more explicit for new players Give insights on the importance of having (or not) information on pickups for new players No changes in tactical point of view, just removing tedious aspects of timing Not a complex change in code of the game I suppose Timing with the clock is still possible when you don't see exactly the pick up, but deduce it No need to look at the clock, except for end-game or timing weapons precisely Secondary improvements : On top of the hud info, the items could be seen through walls when there are up. One could see a little circle-shaped hourglass when it is reloading at the location of the item. And see nothing when having no info. For the team modes : experienced players use bindings commonly to communicate. Even if the item timings are shared, it is still useful to give instructions to teammates. There definitely should be built-in quick messages (such as in rocket league or dota2 for instance) to chose from a list, per-game mode (ex. carnage/RA/mh soon, regroup, flag in/out low/high/middle, gl hf, gg, whatever etc.) This is not only convenient but it is also a good way to draw attention of new players to what matters.
  2. palindrome

    Modding and scripting support

    Hello, this is more or less a question/suggestion aimed toward the developers of Reflex. However I would also like to see the current communities opinion on this. I have been playing reflex on and off since I first heard about it and I feel it is a really interesting game. It is more than just a simple afps shooter or another quake clone. Along with it, it comes with an amazing built in online map editor and advanced HUD customization. The game play feels really smooth and is quite unique, overall it is a great game. However, I feel a major aspect and appeal to this game is the fact it is limiting itself to an afps only type of game play. While this is the main point of the game, I feel as though a form of modding or scripting would really improve upon the current status of the game. This would allow for many unique game play ideas or unique one of a kind servers to be created by the community. I realize some of you will disagree with this idea as I have been told a downside of this would that people feel it may "split" the already small community. On the contrary, this would instead allow others to become more interested in the game. For example, games like counter strike or Garry's mod thrive upon player created servers that differ from the main game. While it doesn't need to be as modifiable as those games, I feel it would really implement a feature that would make it really stand out. Finally, I would just like to point out how unique Reflex already is. It comes default with several game modes such as 1v1, tdm, ctf, and my favorite race. Allowing for modding, would allow the community to create unique game modes that others would greatly enjoy and would improve upon current game modes. What is the communities opinions on adding scripting and modding for game modes and various in-game things? Also, what are the current developers opinions/plans on this?
  3. armitagebron

    I am so bad at movements...

    Hello! I'd like to play in fast paced shooters for a long time. I've started with Quake Live, now I've got Reflex. But I have the same issues as always. I'm really silly with movements. Of course I looked up for guides(from Kovaak and others), did some practice and pure playing, although I'm still very bad at all. Here is a demo video, where I'm trying some movements. Can you watch it please and give me some guidance?
  4. spessu_sb

    Two gameplay suggestions

    1.Bring back stakegun with it's original more slow projectile speed and give it 200dmg. - That way it wouldn't be useless nor op.(stakegun obviously shouldn't have that multihit bug then anymore or the test and judging wouldn't really be fair) 2.Add Quake 4 style ability to shoot through teleports. - This would add to Reflex imo by giving more depth. Example. Imagine red armor was in some room that had only two ways to it and teleport being the second way. Now you could deny the amor via tp by spamming eg. plasma or gl. This example could be used for the cpm3 ra place. This would create more options and more options=more strategies which is winwin afaic. I know this game isn't wanted to be seen as neither "Quake clone" or as "cpma 2.0". These ideas would help to set it more away from that, without still being too radical and changing the direction of reflex too much. I think these ideas could be tested.
  5. Hi everyone. For the recent time there has been a lot of innovations in Reflex aimed at newbie players. But one needs to not forget about advanced players. I wanna bring back those good old times when CPMA wasn't "all about aim + a bit of map control", but also movement. So that's why I'm gonna propose to add the ground boost. I'm not defrag pro and I don't have an ideal technique therefore my performance is ordinary, but the idea of it is quite clear. q3df.org Groundboosting in the code
  6. we have the ability to edit maps on the fly now and I see 2 kinds of servers using it: mapmaking servers and normal servers that forgot to disable it leading to some annoying or hilarious moments. Switching in and out of edit is so seamless and quick, why not think of some ways to use it in a match or invent whole new hybrid creation-play modes. Here's just a short list of some ways you might hybridise the editing system and gameplay. Post your ideas as too, I think some of these might be really fun or turn into popular mods later on. Obviously this kind of experimentation just wont work on pub serv unless you get some very cooperative ppl, so itll prolly be self selected groups trying things out in private--something I'm always down for and hoping to find some likeminded individuals. -- EditDuel turn the duel map building process into a turnbased strategy game (similar to the metagame of "dropping maps" during competitions before the match begins)-- that is-- allow each player to take turns adding an element and//or placing the pickups. there could be as little restriction as allowing the whole map to be built room by room; or as much restriction as only a few togglable arrangements ('cpm distance RA ledge' vs 'QL RA ledge' on aerowalk for example).. It could be intensely strategic trying to secure the best layout vs your opponents particular skillset. do you choose to place RA and let your opponent place Mega? do you open an easy route to your strongest weapon and hope your opponent cant guard it easier as well? if you have better movement than your opponent you might increase the distance to an item to play to your favor.. so many possibilities. -- Defrag H.O.R.S.E like the basketball game or tony hawk's s.k.a.t.e with the added rule that if a player completes a trick they are allowed to build one new brush/element to continue the line (must start from beginning each time). if they dont reach it then the opponent has 1 change to try, if no players reach it then the brush is erased and opponent gets to make a new brush. -- Trick Tag another one from Tony Hawk. map has some designated 'taggable' elements that players need to reach with normal movement, then they are allowed to change the material type to their color. since theres no system for counting points maybe just set a time limit and count who has the most elements of their color at 0:00. -- EditCTF CTF with limited map editing allowed. many possible combinations including: allowing specific objects to be moved by anyone or allowing edit within certain zones (like 'free zone' in real life capture since youd be invulnerable there), having a designated editor on each team who can open/close certain passages. have a referee editor who can make certain predefined map changes at a set time interval: for example opening a new path to flags at the 3 minute mark to allow more last minute caps or force teams to change tactics.