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Found 1 result

  1. Woeste Wessel

    Blood, gore and darkness

    On ESR I read a comment stating "...but comparing to q-series, to my taste the overall atmosphere is too, well, how to put it, unserious? too "arcadish"? not sure if its precise definition, because both games are fps-arcades, basically, but reflex has more of "it", whatever it is. its like comparing street fighter and mortal combat or need for speed and gran tourismo - they're of the same genres but somehow i like mortal tourismo better." (link) And I can relate a lot. The very reason I ever got into quake was all the gore and darkness. Only later I learned to appreciate all the other stuff Quake had to offer. I like Hotline Miami a lot, but would have never even bought it if it had pink unicorns and rainbows in there. I bought devil daggers, because reviews said it was hard (but fair) and it looked dark and nice. I never tried team fortress, because it looked too 'Disney'. In all fairness, I use Pada's competitive pack and I would disable all the blood and stuff anyway, for visibility purposes. However, I think adding some darkness might draw people to this game. I understand the PG rating would probably go up, but honestly I think a 18+ PG rating would actually be a good reason for a lot of young people to even try the game. I know this sounds wrong, but I think it works that way. I bought this game myself for different reasons than gore and darkness, but for someone who never played this, I suppose they can ‘relate’ better to it, than to difficult trickjumps. My mom thinks every skateboard trick looks the same. Only if she’d skateboard herself, she’d understand the difference. Screenshots of the original quake for comparison: http://rome.ro/news/2016/6/22/happy-20th-birthday-quake I’m curious what other people think about this. //Potato for people otherwise unsatisfied