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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. I got two questions regarding the editor. 1) I've seen some seriously precise crafting in some maps like Ashur where some Worldspawn elements were modified to be extremely thin and so on. Unfortunately, I don't know how to do this and I can only create a minimum 16x16 square in my editor. Is there a way to make the grid smaller, or even better, to have a free grid, like point per point free movement to work on items and especially to be able to put effects easily without having to enter the coordinates by hand. EDIT : I found it, the command is me_snapdistance <#> to allow you to be as precise as you want to manipulate worldspawns and effects. 2) Is there an option to have the mesh blocking, like automatically clipped ? Just to avoid having to do precise clipping stuff when creating prefab out of meshes. It would be very nice to have an option to have mesh to "clip", "full clip" or "weapon clip" if it doesn't exist. What do you think ? 3) Is there a way to scale prefabs ? I created an item but with quite huge size because I thought it would be scalable afterwards. Should I create it small from start ? Thanks in advance.