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Found 1 result

  1. Amarios

    Amari_HUD release!

    Hi guys, I am new to Reflex but have always been a Quake III CPMA fan. I love the direction and the starting base for this game and will enjoy following its development. When I saw how much of the interface got exposed I couldn't wait to jump right in and start messing with everything. This is my ideal interface as I think it looks very clean and gives you a lot of information without overloading the screen. Screenshots: (Click to view full size) Download: Amari_HUD.rar (1.0 MB) Installation: Extract the "Amari_HUD" folder into your "+reflex_directory+baseinternalui" folder. Extract "Amari_HUD.cfg" into your Reflex's main directory. Launch the game, open your console, and type loadconfig Amari_HUD. Uninstallation: Delete the "Amari_HUD" folder in your "+reflex_directory+baseinternalui" folder. Delete "Amaru_HUD.cfg" in your Reflex's main directory. Open your console and type ui_reset to restore everything to the default settings. Features: Clean non-disruptive information. Health and Armor icon colored according to their current values. Low and empty ammo warnings in text. Timer changes color during 5 minute and 1 minute period. Timer plays 5 minute and 1 minute warning sounds (stolen from Q3). Mini scoreboard in-game (). Disabled death screen (ui_show_widget ScreenEffects 1 to re-enable). Removed redundant weapons on WeaponRack. TODO: Think of a better name for the HUD. Add ups, fps, and network information. Add sound effects for 5 minute and 1 minute warnings. Credits: Micalexan for their it pretty much started and inspired this. DraQu for their I used his edited version of MiniScores and learned how to hide the Melee and Stake Gun on the WeaponRack from looking at their HUD. Bonuspunkt for all of their lua scripts, they were very helpful and I highly recommend checking them out. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or any problems with the HUD feel free to leave a post below it's always welcome!