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Found 4 results

  1. First off I know this isn't an issue with my mouse, I play Quake Live and several other games and have no problems. In Reflex from time to time, not extremely commonly but once every few matches or so I'll try to fire a weapon that's not in it's reload and it won't fire. I've specifically noticed this with the Shotgun but it may happen with other weapons. I've had a similar occurence with jumping. I have Mouse2 bound to jump and sometimes jumps don't register. This usually happens going for double jumps and triple jumps, which is horrible because this is a skill based mechanic. I've also had it happening when doing strafe jumping on Reflextrain though. If I had to put a number on it I'd say maybe 1/100 times these things happen, but sometimes it's more often or less. I recently had my weapon not fire and jumping problems multiple times in one match and it's making me not want to play Reflex at all. It's extremely frustrating whenever it happens.
  2. TornadoStorm

    Redesign proposal of burst gun

    Hello, After I had a read through of a post at reddit: " Burst Gun This gun is just utterly useless. I don't think this gun is salvageable at all. I propose a complete re-design. Here's my suggestion, and it is again influenced by my time from NS2. Make something similar to the hand pistol. Not unlike something like the glock from cstrike as well. Here's a frag video from NS2 where there's a few pistol frags, among others, just so you can get a feeling of what I'm talking about. So the thing that makes the NS2 pistol interesting is that it is definitely an offhand. You don't want to use it as your main gun. But it IS an effective weapon. It is designed in such a way that it has a very high dps compared to the lmg (Your std primary), but it has a very low clip. So while the lmg has lower dps, it has a larger clipdmg pool which allows you to do more dmg before you need to reload. " ~ S4ntaClaws I also had an idea about the burst gun. I feel all weapons in Reflex should have their specific roles and uses and I feel the burst gun is just utterly useless. None would ever use it over another gun since it's basically a bad shotgun with lower range and it's projectile based making it very difficult to get a kill. I think the burst gun should be replaced with an all-purpose weapon of some sort, which has a reduced DPS in exchange for its purpose as being used for any range at any situation as a decent weapon, just as the machinegun in Quake did; it was quite low in damage, yet players would still use it from time to time for either picking off bits of health from players afar, or for supressive fire, or even just for opening doors. Although it was not a weapon to use all the time, it was useful as a backup for all situations, and atleast had a use. (+ a pistol like the one in ns2 wouldn't be such a bad idea) Any thoughts on both of these ideas?
  3. TornadoStorm

    I kinda miss the chaingun

    I gotta confess, I do miss that chaingun that Reflex used to have :L I mean, I'm loving this new one that's exactly like quake, which allows easy and familiar plasmaclimbing and I am a great fan of jump/race/defrag so that weapon is the best of what it can do, however, I wish there would be some other sort of machinegun in the game. I feel the one in quake had really added to tactics in terms of picking away at distant enemies for distraction, or for use in defrag for those slight adjustments in speed, or straight up spraying at your opponent's face because you have no other weapons XD And plus, that chaingun that reflex used to have just felt really good :3 What do you guys think? Should they bring back the machinegun? I'm not sure where in the loadout they would fit, and would possibly haveto replace another gun. But it would be nice to see that gun come back again
  4. rpR

    instaGib & iCTF

    There are a couple of other topics about this but a bit outdated. Any news/info on when we can expect the instaGib mode/mutator? Since the editor has been updated (afaik?), any ETA on CTF maps? I know instagib is either loved or hated in the aFPS community ("omg it killed warsaw", but did it kill quake? No. Did it kill UT? No.)