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Found 17 results

  1. King Burtis


    I didn't know what else to call it, here's my hud I made myself. Has a weapon rack, health and armor, speed, large ammo counter for the center, and buff timers. It has plenty of options, and I can add more if requested, including changing the background opacity, hiding or showing parts of the hud, what head to display, and hiding the Melee and Burst Gun slots. And now some screenshots... Download the latest version off the Steam Workshop!
  2. scrambled


    Just a simple HUD that I made because I'm so used to TF2 custom HUDs. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=880817827

    [1.0.6] TeamHud lua breaks

    I was on my own client hosted game with bots, game mode was ctf, I was adding bots and it spit out this error when I kicked one. I cant repro it. lua: [string "base/internal/ui/widgets/TeamHud.lua"]:108: invalid order function for sorting I might have had show self off in the TeamHud settings. Another thing I noticed, if show self is off in spectator it wont show the person you are spectating.
  4. Spannzer

    HUD Feedback Thread!

    Post screenshots of your in-development HUDs and get feedback! If you are posting a complete HUD please provide a download link :> I'll get us started with a little something I made: I wanted a HUD that I can clearly see in my peripheral vision, something without small numbers that I would have to actively look at to see what the values were. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ilqmewgxwzbpbiq/SP-HUD%20RFX.zip?dl=0
  5. I made this to help new players who might not be familiar with installing scripts and fiddling about in file explorer. Basic stuff I know, but I also know that some players will just completely avoid this stuff, thinking it is too difficult. This video should serve to show that it is simple and worthwhile.
  6. Jaguar


    Hey Thanks to @brandon's super useful HUD editor, I just spent some time creating a new HUD specifically for casting/recording. I aimed for something minimal and unobtrusive that displays all pertinent data in one area of the screen. Freeing up the rest of your display for all of those lovely frags and pretty pixels. Here's a screenshot of the current version. Feedback would be most welcome, then I'll probably release it. I had 1v1 games in mind when I made this HUD. It might well need tweaks for other game modes. I decided to remove the health and armour bars, in favour of the bars on the DP2HUD scoreboard. You don't get the numerical values that way, but I don't think that is important in this instance. Thanks to @Qualx for making the DP2HUD. Which I really like
  7. TheFatCheetah

    tfC's Division HUD

    Hi guys, I've just started learning LUA and wanted to create a minimal HUD similar to The Division so I don't have to have big widgets all over my screen.The HUD also has movement on the y axis to emulate 3D movement similar to the one found in The Division. Currently the HUD contains a TRUE HP BAR, TRUE HP NUMBER, MEGA OVERLAY, ARMOR BAR and AMMO COUNT FOR CURRENT WEAPON. The HUD style is based off of DP2 HUD as it was originally going to be a TRUE HP BAR to go along with the DP2 HUD. The HUD is available to DOWNLOAD OFF THE WORKSHOP I've also created a short video if you don't want to go through the effort of installing it to check it out. Would love to hear some feedback on where to improve or any suggestions of things to add to the HUD.
  8. When having a special character in your name (for instance, ™), this character and everything after it will not be displayed by any HUD element, including the non-widget ones. Also, interestingly, the character right before the special character will be bolded. As an example I've changed my name to "Snowy™ Skum", and took a screenshot of the chat window after loading into a map and sending a message: https://i.imgur.com/6mjnGSU.png
  9. DraQu

    DQHud Release

    This is a hud that I've been working on for a while now. I'm learning Lua as I go, so there's still lots to do. I wanted to make a hud that was faithful to my QL hud, but included some changes that I'd prefer to have. Screenshots: (Click to view full size) Download link for latest version: DQHud1.13 Installing: I've included two files in the Zip. The DQHud folder, which you can drop anywhere in steamsteamappscommonreflexbase and it will get loaded.A text file with console commands for the widgets, which you need to paste to the end of the game.cfg file. You'll need to manually hide the following widgets: AmmoCount, ArmorBar, Buffs, HealthBar, PickupTimers, PlayerStatus, ScreenEffects, Timer, TrueHealth, WeaponName, WeaponRack. You can do this easily from the options menu in-game, which contains the new Widgets section. Use the Visible toggle to hide the chosen widget. Feel free to post any feedback or suggestions below! ------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 17.4.205 Fixed the hud for 0.33.4 (PickupTimers was looking very lovely)Added PlayerSpeed widget on the top right corner of the screen------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 15.4.2015 Added a new widget that displays frag messages in Duel mode. Provided by Qualx.Adjusted icon shadows (AmmoCount, WeaponRack, PickupTimers, HealthBar, ArmorBar, Timer)ScreenEffects hidden by default. (was supposed to be hidden in initial release, but oops)Added a outline on MiniScores as a temporary solution to knowing your score.Timer turns red when there's 2 minutes left in the match.WeaponRack ammo text turns red when you're running low and grey when 0.Axe ammo in AmmoCount now displays nothing. Previously "-"Stake is now displayed on the WeaponRack by default------------------------------------------------------------- INITIAL RELEASE 12.4.2015 Axe and stake gun have been removed from the WeaponRack.TrueHealth has been removed.When at 100 or below health/armor, the text will change color to yellow.When at 50 or below health/armor, the text will change color to redTimer counts up by default. Counting down code can be found inside Timer.luaWhen there's 5 minutes left in the game, the Timer color will change to yellow.AmmoCount changes color to red when you're running low.High priority on the To-Do List ScoreboardChat box once it gets exposed to LuaSpectator ui (PlayerStatus)The MiniScores widget is a slightly modified version of Bonuspunkt's widget, which can be found here: The DuelFragMessages widget was provided for the hud by Qualx and the original code can be found here: link
  10. Bjarke

    bHUD Official Thread

    Current version: 1.0, 24th November 2 015. Hello everyone, It has been requested a couple of times that I should upload the hud I’ve been working on for some time now. The HUD is best described as a reincarnation of the original CPMA hud from long back. There're a lot of different ways to customize the armor and health bar, so I hope you will enjoy it. Currently, there’s no clock in the hud, so you have to use the default one or get one from another HUD. Personally I recommend the one from DraQu HUD or DP2 hud. At some point, I will be doing new features such has flag indicators, team overlays, clock, etcetera. But for now you’re only going to get the barebones somewhat stable version. You can download the HUD here. Pictures here. Report bugs and other issues in this thread or message me; Bjarke @ QuakeNet on IRC. I’m not looking for suggestions, and I will probably not do anything custom for you guys.
  11. wh1te

    Reflex - Player huds.

    In this topic players can share screenshots of their own custom huds just for a showcase If you would like to upload your hud: Hud file needs to be in a .zip file Screenshots must be posted with it.Happy sharing! My personal hud:
  12. ok_hand

    8bit Reflex

    Introducing 8bit Reflex, a HUD and sound pack to give your Reflex a retro feel. Brought to you by acid|Reflex. Almost every sound has been replaced with a LoFi equivalent. Some sounds are missing, such as vote sounds, but most are covered in the pack. The HUD is simplistic in it's design to keep with the Retro aesthetic, and is largely a modified default HUD with new LoFi icons and visual style. There are however a couple extra/optional custom widgets, including one that displays health, armor and ammo around the crosshair with adjustable transparency and a speedmeter that changes color/transparency based on current speed. The arrangement of the health, armor, etc. was styled based off of the default Q3 CPMA HUD (I kind of like how it looks so that's why I did it like this). Hence the HUD being called 8bitQuakeHud. DL [Updated 8/25.. again]: http://puu.sh/jOW8o/605107a73c.zip New version has 2 ammo counters, 1 that will display hyphens for missing digits (i.e. -99, --8), and one that sort of matches the what vx wanted the ammo to look like. There are also options to enable/disable the frames and set the colors to either 0: completely white, 1: fully colored, or 2: colored but green replaced with white for visibility. You can also disable low-ammo coloring. The widget options are not fully implemented and kinda buggy, so for now it works better to use the following console commands: ui_eqh_healthbar_colorstyle 0/1/2 ui_eqh_healthbar_frame 0/1 ui_eqh_armorbar_colorstyle 0/1/2 ui_eqh_armorbar_frame 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount_colorstyle 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount_frame 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount2_colorstyle 0/1 ui_eqh_ammocount2_frame 0/1 --Installation-- HUD: Drop the EightbitQuakeHud folder in your /internal/ui folder and move the EQH.cfg to the root folder, make sure to backup your current config, and then load it by using loadconfig EQH from the console. Sound Pack: !!Make sure to back up all of your sounds!! (The easiest way to do this honestly is to just copy the folders that get overwritten to another area on your harddrive) Copy all of the folders found inside the 8bitSoundPack folder into your /internal/ folder and overwrite if it asks. After this you should be good to go. If you find any issues with the HUD or problems with the sound please let me know, whether in the thread or message me here or on steam ( http://steamcommunity.com/id/Viscerated/ ) HUD Screenshots: Speedmeter 0 alpha due to no movement, MiniHA widget at 0 alpha: Speedmeter at 255 alpha and colored Red due to low speed and MiniHA at ~190 alpha (you can also move the widget down if you don't want it right around crosshair, or disable it if you don't like it). Mind that I use centered weapons and some of the HUD sits over them: Default, no "-": Second option, with "-": Ammocount2 used and frames on ammo and armor hidden: Here's a quick and dirty video showcasing the sounds. Mind the early version of the HUD and horribad play: Credits: HUD and Sounds by acid|Reflex - Viscerated & .lucidity Codeman38 on dafont.com for the Press Start 2P font - http://www.dafont.com/press-start-2p.font Qualx for ideas and inspiration from his dope HUDs Meowgli and MAD_JIHAD for giving me the idea to make a sound pack and release it
  13. fagn4h

    Broken hud 0.35.1

    Well everytime I start the game hud is broken (showing only crosshair and ArmorBar). When I do ui_reset few widgets appeared but not all of them. I did restore reflex files via steam and now after using ui_reset all widgets are appearing but after that I still have to set every widget offsets and hide these I don't want to use. Anyone had similar problem? Any solutions?
  14. Amarios

    Amari_HUD release!

    Hi guys, I am new to Reflex but have always been a Quake III CPMA fan. I love the direction and the starting base for this game and will enjoy following its development. When I saw how much of the interface got exposed I couldn't wait to jump right in and start messing with everything. This is my ideal interface as I think it looks very clean and gives you a lot of information without overloading the screen. Screenshots: (Click to view full size) Download: Amari_HUD.rar (1.0 MB) Installation: Extract the "Amari_HUD" folder into your "+reflex_directory+baseinternalui" folder. Extract "Amari_HUD.cfg" into your Reflex's main directory. Launch the game, open your console, and type loadconfig Amari_HUD. Uninstallation: Delete the "Amari_HUD" folder in your "+reflex_directory+baseinternalui" folder. Delete "Amaru_HUD.cfg" in your Reflex's main directory. Open your console and type ui_reset to restore everything to the default settings. Features: Clean non-disruptive information. Health and Armor icon colored according to their current values. Low and empty ammo warnings in text. Timer changes color during 5 minute and 1 minute period. Timer plays 5 minute and 1 minute warning sounds (stolen from Q3). Mini scoreboard in-game (). Disabled death screen (ui_show_widget ScreenEffects 1 to re-enable). Removed redundant weapons on WeaponRack. TODO: Think of a better name for the HUD. Add ups, fps, and network information. Add sound effects for 5 minute and 1 minute warnings. Credits: Micalexan for their it pretty much started and inspired this. DraQu for their I used his edited version of MiniScores and learned how to hide the Melee and Stake Gun on the WeaponRack from looking at their HUD. Bonuspunkt for all of their lua scripts, they were very helpful and I highly recommend checking them out. If you have any feedback, suggestions, or any problems with the HUD feel free to leave a post below it's always welcome!
  15. frwny


    Hey qties. I didn't really care much about the UI update at first but after tweaking some LUA I came up with something I like. Basically edited default, if I make any major changes I will update the download link. http://heyqtwhatsyour.name/qtHUD.zip Alternative link https://a.pomf.se/zrpfpt.zip
  16. Spannzer

    SP-HUD Release :>

    Hi, I did a thing. I got some requests to release my HUD, I figured this would be a decent place to do it. Download link! Here's what it looks like:
  17. Displayed both in the scoreboard, and in corner of screen (along side to the showfps display).