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Found 7 results

  1. Since the burst gun is currently just a worse version of the shotgun it seems like it doesn't really have a place, when you have the shotgun you never use the burstgun. It basically replaces the weapon taking up a bind slot for no reason. Here is my idea of how it could work. You spawn with a burstgun and then when you pickup the shotgun you would dual weild it with the burstgun. Obviously the damage would not be the old burstgun+shotgun damage. Make the burst gun like the old 3 shot projectile low damage, when you pickup the shotgun you can fire both at the same time (dual wielding) bringing the total damage up to current shotgun levels. I think this would be interesting having some added damage if you hit both the projectile and hitscan. I think it would be hard to hit both at medium range which would help keep it from being overpowered while making it very punishing up close. Make the burst gun ammo infinite and the shotgun ammo stays as it was. Just an idea I had while playing xonotic, a game with way to many weapons that fill the exact same role for no reason.
  2. spessu_sb

    Two gameplay suggestions

    1.Bring back stakegun with it's original more slow projectile speed and give it 200dmg. - That way it wouldn't be useless nor op.(stakegun obviously shouldn't have that multihit bug then anymore or the test and judging wouldn't really be fair) 2.Add Quake 4 style ability to shoot through teleports. - This would add to Reflex imo by giving more depth. Example. Imagine red armor was in some room that had only two ways to it and teleport being the second way. Now you could deny the amor via tp by spamming eg. plasma or gl. This example could be used for the cpm3 ra place. This would create more options and more options=more strategies which is winwin afaic. I know this game isn't wanted to be seen as neither "Quake clone" or as "cpma 2.0". These ideas would help to set it more away from that, without still being too radical and changing the direction of reflex too much. I think these ideas could be tested.
  3. qufit

    Just some ideas

    If freezetag is going to become a game mode some time in the future. Then I had a crazy idea that the meele weapon (the pipe wrench) can unfreeze. Because the players are robots and you can screw in the robot. And after watching some Overwatch on twitch. Why not have the game collect those replaymarkers and have it like a showoff in game menu? (I know, loading times....)
  4. TornadoStorm

    Map sector idea

    Hello I had this interesting idea of a way to divide a map into sectors, how games like Counter Strike display the part of the map that the player is in (Such as Palace in Mirage); In the editor, users can use a 'Sector Brush' to create large cubes to mark where and what shape the sector is, and edit the sector's name within the brush's properties. During a match, there could be a widget that displays what sector you are in in small text somewhere on the screen. I find this would make knowing areas of the maps easier, allowing for commentators in tournaments to quickly say where a player is or where he/she might come out from etc., and will make teamwork easier, allowing players to easily communicate their position.
  5. TornadoStorm

    Idea for Race mode

    Hello, I have this interesting idea for a race mode designed to go against friends. At the spawn point, instead of teleporting all players to one point, disorientating them and preventing them to start at their position of choice without falling behind, there could be a closed room with a wall, which despawns as soon as the timer reaches 0 to start the race. This allows players to get ready, get in their positions of choice and it allows all players to start the race at the same time, giving the rush of adrenaline to get to the end before your friends Players who do mistakes can suicide and respawn at a checkpoint nearby. What do you guys think?
  6. Hi, I thought of an idea which could improve the experience of the game but also renew the attraction by its novelty and its potential. Here she is: that would say to yourselves of the idea that our dear robots have a turbo reactor in the back, actionable by fits and starts either in one breath for example, and it to a certain extent of duration and of recharging. The purpose would be a not insignificant acceleration of the speed of the player at the key moments. What do you think about this idea? Regards
  7. Will the game be getting an instagib game mode, and more importantly- will there be the ability to disable self inflicted damage? Oh and lastly, is there any chance of some sort of setting to turn on the dodge/jump/whatever ability (Look at Warsow for reference) I mean I understand not as default, but possibly as an option? I ask this because personally I have the most fun in arena shooters when on instagib and having the ability to gain huge speeds and jump all across the map, here however the second you land you kinda' end up losing quite a bit of momentum. No bunny hopping forever. Oh actually that reminds me, will it be possible to just hold down space bar in the future?