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Found 2 results

  1. Hello my name is Sane. Currently seeking a sponsorship. I will represent your brand to the fullest and get a massive following on social media and twitch. This will put your company name out there for extra popularity. I will only use your gear and brand. Let Sane be the man for you, I am highly trained and skilled in AFPS. Serious inquiries only.
  2. NEWS NEWS READ ALL ABOUT IT! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Looking for CASTERS ( mtarget calling for you ;] ) Looking for STREAM ( PHGP calling for you! ) Looking for an extra 1 or 2 ADMINS ( PLEASE! ) PM ME ON #PHGP OR REPLY HERE With Sanetopia Cup finishing off this past weekend I am looking to start another tournament for NA 1v1, but don't worry there is no rush. I am looking to start sign ups in about 3 weeks, some where around end of May or the beginning of June. The tournament will most likely start middle or end of June. You will have enough time to practice all the maps and get in shape for another exciting NA CUP! Trying to make a beautiful name this time, not sanetopia 2! hmmmm maybe.... Anyway I am looking to start it off with seeing what 5 maps will be chosen by the community to put into the tournament. The 5 maps that will have the highest votes by May 29th will be chosen for the tournament! I will be making this a POLL thread and also if you have any requests or advice for this tournament this will be the time to do so. LETS GET EVERYTHING SET FOR MAY 29th!! THAT'S WHEN THE SIGN UPS WILL BEGIN AND THE TOURNAMENT SHOULD START MID/LATE JUNE!! gogogo!