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Found 1 result

  1. Ammazzabanane

    Golden weapons? Lets do some math!

    First of all, dont take this as me complaining, im in love with the ladder/golden weapon idea and im very happy about the release! That being said, i wanted to make some math about the golden weapons. lets say i win 50% of my matches (which i dont lul, prolly more like 1%) and manage to play consistently around 3 hours a day (which is probably above average) this means 3 hours ~ 18 duels (if i only play ladder, and only play duels which i don't) = 9 wins = 90 points. Considering a weapon costs 3000 pts. it means i would have to win 300 duels,therefore play 600, which translates in 6000 minutes (100 hours) which would be one month, With the full set taking 2100 duels to get with 21000 minutes of gameplay (700 hours) and therefore 7 months. Now considering a lot of people dont play 18 duels a day, more like 6 i would say, this means it would take 3 months for one golden weapon and still 6 a day is no joke. How do you guys feel about this? I like the idea of them being hard to get and all but it seems a bit overkill and i feel like probably i won't even get one, mostly because i suck lmao. were they intended to be this hard to get? Will they be available only for this first 3 months and then the next 3 we will get some other ones, making the current ones unavailable? Again im not complaining, im just interested. Keep on fragging boyz