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Found 6 results


    [1.0.6] TeamHud lua breaks

    I was on my own client hosted game with bots, game mode was ctf, I was adding bots and it spit out this error when I kicked one. I cant repro it. lua: [string "base/internal/ui/widgets/TeamHud.lua"]:108: invalid order function for sorting I might have had show self off in the TeamHud settings. Another thing I noticed, if show self is off in spectator it wont show the person you are spectating.
  2. FTr

    Quick Response

    Little project I threw together in a few hours. Replaces the scoreboard - it still works, the scripts extends on the scoreboard widget http://i.imgur.com/nKEZdf4.mp4 <-- For some reason I can't embed this gif/video Customization: Link: https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/reflex-quick-response/src Usage:
  3. Woeste Wessel

    How to use a Lua file

    I suppose this must've been asked a million times before, sorry in advance for asking it again. Somehow the search function in these forums seems not to work so well, or perhaps I don't understand how to use it. My questions is: How do I use a lua file? I found out there is one that will make my timer count up, but I don't know how to use it. Thanks in advance for any answer!
  4. DraQu

    DQHud Release

    This is a hud that I've been working on for a while now. I'm learning Lua as I go, so there's still lots to do. I wanted to make a hud that was faithful to my QL hud, but included some changes that I'd prefer to have. Screenshots: (Click to view full size) Download link for latest version: DQHud1.13 Installing: I've included two files in the Zip. The DQHud folder, which you can drop anywhere in steamsteamappscommonreflexbase and it will get loaded.A text file with console commands for the widgets, which you need to paste to the end of the game.cfg file. You'll need to manually hide the following widgets: AmmoCount, ArmorBar, Buffs, HealthBar, PickupTimers, PlayerStatus, ScreenEffects, Timer, TrueHealth, WeaponName, WeaponRack. You can do this easily from the options menu in-game, which contains the new Widgets section. Use the Visible toggle to hide the chosen widget. Feel free to post any feedback or suggestions below! ------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 17.4.205 Fixed the hud for 0.33.4 (PickupTimers was looking very lovely)Added PlayerSpeed widget on the top right corner of the screen------------------------------------------------------------- UPDATE 15.4.2015 Added a new widget that displays frag messages in Duel mode. Provided by Qualx.Adjusted icon shadows (AmmoCount, WeaponRack, PickupTimers, HealthBar, ArmorBar, Timer)ScreenEffects hidden by default. (was supposed to be hidden in initial release, but oops)Added a outline on MiniScores as a temporary solution to knowing your score.Timer turns red when there's 2 minutes left in the match.WeaponRack ammo text turns red when you're running low and grey when 0.Axe ammo in AmmoCount now displays nothing. Previously "-"Stake is now displayed on the WeaponRack by default------------------------------------------------------------- INITIAL RELEASE 12.4.2015 Axe and stake gun have been removed from the WeaponRack.TrueHealth has been removed.When at 100 or below health/armor, the text will change color to yellow.When at 50 or below health/armor, the text will change color to redTimer counts up by default. Counting down code can be found inside Timer.luaWhen there's 5 minutes left in the game, the Timer color will change to yellow.AmmoCount changes color to red when you're running low.High priority on the To-Do List ScoreboardChat box once it gets exposed to LuaSpectator ui (PlayerStatus)The MiniScores widget is a slightly modified version of Bonuspunkt's widget, which can be found here: The DuelFragMessages widget was provided for the hud by Qualx and the original code can be found here: link
  5. phylum

    Help! (Weapon Icon Colour)

    First off, here is my Widget code: http://pastebin.com/KPEFudtu It's a simple ammo indicator, very similar to the default. It was a 10 minute job, but unfortunately the weapon icon colour doesn't work. When I change weapon it goes to the right colour for a fraction of a second, then goes back to white. I think I solved this problem once before, but I can't remember how. Can anyone please point out the obvious mistake I've made? Thanks The lines to look at should be 34-36, 66-68 and 96-97.
  6. Spannzer

    SP-HUD Release :>

    Hi, I did a thing. I got some requests to release my HUD, I figured this would be a decent place to do it. Download link! Here's what it looks like: