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Found 1 result

  1. So if I am playing TF2, Counter strike, Quake, Battlefield (apart from the new one), Cod, or Unreal Tournament, I have my sensitivity set the same (1.25 on a 800 dpi mouse). This gives me exactly the same cm/360 in all the games (differing fov doesn't effect it) and I find this makes my aim much must consistent as I go from game to game. In fact, the vast majority of FPS games use this scale, for example any games in the same engine as the games listed above have this scale. So while I know it's kind of a picky think to point out, I brought a few quake/tf2/csgo plays over to try counter strike who have been confused why they can't just type in the number they always do, and get the exact sensitivity they have in other games. I have seen a few people asking how to convert the number, but nobody suggesting it be changed, so I thought I would post here. I hope it's not a duplicate