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Found 4 results

  1. At the moment the map editor lacks a few functions. This script pack aims to help with shortage of options. If you have any suggestion/request, share and I will look into it What it supports at the moment: Dial control - used for rotating various elements, including rotation, snap angles and daytime. Also supports mouse wheel scrolling. EditBoxExpand - when the current text doesnt fit entirely, when you hover over the control it expands accordingly. Multiple editing - you can now edit entities of the same type at the same time. (does NOT work with ColorPicker and ContentBrowser) WARNING: be very careful when editing multiple entities. Occasionally the game disconnects me because of some weird error. <removed due to instability with no solution in sight> Properties window can now be dragged. GIFS: Progress: repo - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/src direct download - https://bitbucket.org/jankratochvil/editor-extended/get/master.zip
  2. I have an idea for a map that I think will be pretty great but I'm having problems with the Content Browser. I see a lot of stuff listed in it that I see on other's maps like the Anubis statue but when I go to these pages it's just blank. Here's an example: http://imgur.com/a/GkHby - I've seen all those egyptian models on people's maps but they don't appear in the browser for me. How can I get everything to show up? Another problem is that the tutorials available are all outdated. I tried to start going through Zita's but the config commands don't work (I put them in game.cfg) and since the beginning doesn't seem to work for me I really don't want to go through hours of setup to find out more of the guide is outdated (it has tons and tons of third party stuff it wants you to get).
  3. 430AM

    Materials Question

    I'm attempting to build a map, and can't seem to... today... assign a material or color to a brush. I assume it's something simple that I'm overlooking. I select a brush, right now just a simple cube. I then open the content browser, select a material and click on that material. Nothing happens to the brush that I can tell, but this closes the browser. Similarly, I can open the color dialog, choose a color, then click the 'accept' button, for which I hear a confirmation sound, but nothing happens or changes with the brush. Any help is much appreciated.
  4. LoubiTek

    Error Map Editor

    I have a fairly serious problem! I can not access the map editor. I thought it was me (maybe) but I uninstall and reinstall the game with the same worry. So I do not understand from where it comes from, if it's really my fault or not. Thank you to help me, because it is quite painful not to be able to have fun with the editor.