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Found 18 results

  1. Hey Reflex mapping community, does anyone know if it is possible to port maps from Painkiller to Reflex? I tried to find information but I have no experience in mapping... that is everything I found: 1 Remakes: @Terifire did a remake of DM_Sacred: and another guy too: but if you read in the comments on youtube he deleted the map file... I have not found any attempts to port Painkiller maps to Reflex... 2. Quake World: DM_Meatless was remade for Quake World: http://www.quakeworld.nu/forum/topic/1499/45224/meatless/ the last post is even a working download for the map. then I found in another thread this post: " yeah.. DM_Sacred is brilliant by the way: i've seen a ztndm3 copy for Painkiller and it was the original map converted (the brush work was identical, textures too). this means there's a possibility to convert backwards: pk maps to qw maps. a faithful q1sacred should be very nice maybe we'll convert some pk players to qw too in the process " http://www.quakeworld.nu/forum/topic/561/5665/painkiller-whatd-you-think-about-it/ it's actually the only interesting post in the whole thread concerning porting maps. 3. Painkiller mapping: For Painkiller itself it seems that the maps were mad in the "PainEditor" as I found a tutorial for singleplayer maps but I guess it's the same for multiplayer... http://pkzone.org/paineditor-basics-tutorial-singleplayer-levels/ Then I found a tutorial how to import Painkiller map files into 3ds max: http://pkzone.org/import-mpk-to-3ds-max-tutorial/ I would be very thankful for any information! As the stake gun is coming back to Reflex it would be nice to play it on some classical Painkiller maps thanks in advance!!! j
  2. I get a lot of fun out of free for all, but as far as I can tell, there seems to be a lack of large free for all maps which flow nicely and allow for 8 plus players. I'm getting really tired of dying immediately after spawning, without even being able to move away. Perhaps the algorithm that decides where you spawn could be improved? I played on a map the other day with 5 players and was telefragged at the start of the match! I'm pretty sure the map had more than 5 spawn points! Anyway, recommendations would be greatly appreciated!
  3. NeuerGolf

    Map statistics

    I just grabbed evey replay I could find in the official demo thread and looked which maps are the most played. These shouldnt be too surprising as the usual supects are the top maps everywhere. Fusion is slightly overrepresented since its the default map on serves and replays end up a bit funky. EU NA AUS TOTAL
  4. Loafd

    upload map command?

    There is a savemap command to save the current map from a server, although I was wondering if an uploadmap command could be added, to do just the opposite. I often find myself in a server, wanting to play a new map from reflexfiles with a friend, but the server doesn't have it.. To prevent from players spam uploading maps onto servers, there could be a vote uploadmap or something of the sort to keep it orderly, or permission from the serverhost, which is something that could also be implemented, I think. Maybe even a vote host command. Just an idea that I thought of and wanted to throw out there. Thanks!
  5. Hi I am a new Reflex player. I am a mid-high skilled duelist with a background from Quakelive, cpma, Unreal tournament and xonotic. I am looking to get good but I need to know a list of 5-7 maps to practice or a list of 1v1 maps in general. What are the most played 1v1 maps in Reflex? Thanks!
  6. http://strawpoll.me/6642633 Please vote for your favorite maps.
  7. Hello, i've setup a server ( EU ) for a single purpose: playtesting new maps. Server-Name: ArenaFPS Map Playtesting. The idea is this: i will host a single map for a maximum period of 1 week. Map will change after 1 week or the creator has gathered enough feedback to work on. I will update the OP with the according forum-link for the current map. Current map: Brut Previous maps: - Rapture Conditions: - map should be complete and ready for playtesting ofc, so no single rooms etc. - art doesn't matter - no maps that are obv. just terrible Replays can be found here. Any idea/suggestion for the process are welcome ofc. Regards
  8. arnold

    Map names?

    So 'cpmx' are from CPM games, right right. tchtX? dpX? bdmX? Do they have longhand titles or is just arbitrary letters? In the full release will map names be more fleshed out? It can be a little tough to remember the diff between all the dp's and thct's. Perhaps in the final copy have a UI option when changing maps with a thumbnail? Cheers -
  9. Intro: The announcement of the duel map competition, has led me to study the “top” maps in Reflex. Including various articles on Q3A level design. Pat Howard the author of maps such as Goldleaf, Q and his recently released Trespass. Has done a very interesting article on the connectivity system of some maps. http://www.quakelive.com/forum/showthread.php?40787-Connectivity-Systems Analysis: It got me thinking: What is the general style of connectivity system in Reflex? The most played map on f3allready.com made by community members is DP5 by def, followed by DP4 of the same author. DP4 & DP5 Both have a top-level loop and one branch on the bottom. DP4 is still quite different to DP5. When you play DP4, you are getting into a lot more “forced transitions” as Pat describes it. Where as in DP5 you are freer to move around. Could this be why DP5 has higher ranking and used more in competitions than DP4? Let us look at some other tournament maps. The map ranked after DP4 is thct7. A map that’s thought to be one of the “best”, by the community, and appear in almost every tournament. Looking at the connectivity system it has a loop on the macro (lower level), which you can run comfortably. The high level consist of two loops with a branch between them (8 shaped). (The eight shaped loop appears in tehace’ other maps as well. Being most obvious in thcdm13 -- which is a map that receives a lot of playtime as well). Conclusion: DP5, THCT7 and THCDM13, are the most picked maps in tournaments, and their layout style are all quite similar. They also have almost the same world size (thcdm13 not so much though). Discussion: People seem to prefer small looped (circular), levels more than branched ones. How could this be? In Q3A / QL, people seem to play many branched maps. Pat says that “...heavily branched layout provides a lot of interesting opportunities for map control” when he analyzed Lost World. Why do we not see these types of maps being played/made in Reflex? Is Reflex not fit for branched layouts? Thoughts/insight? (If any information is wrong, please don't bash me) More by Pat Howard: Fundamentals of Gameplay I & II
  10. Xytaglyph

    Xyrenas - Weapon Arena Map

    Xyrenas - A Weapon Arena map REFLEX FILES By: Xytaglyph With the new weapon restrictions I decided to try and make a map with multiple arena rooms where players could practice each weapon against other players individually, I also wanted to make an arena that had a no splash damage area that would allow for direct hit rocket practice in order to work on prediction in fights. I will probably add to this in the future based on requests or once we get the ability to make good mid air mode arenas. You have to suicide or go to spec to get back to the main hub, this is because I could not figure out a way to make it possible to go back that could not interfere with a duel that was going on. Screenshots:
  11. Xytaglyph

    bdm3x - a revision by Xytaglyph

    bdm3x - revision by Xytaglyph Download Link--> REFLEX FILES Changes include: Lowering of Red Armor platform Rework of Mega-Health and the only teleporter that WAS on the map. Rework of the weapon distribution and particular weapon placements. Rework of the Yellow Armor near the jump pad where Quad Damage is located Rework of the old Shotgun hallway behind Red Armor Deletion of the old jump pad from lower to old Rocket Launcher Addition of a teleporter as a substitute to the jump pad. Rework of the back platform area where MH was before. I took it upon myself to try and fix this map to make it playable and fun again as most people I've played with on it, including myself thought that it was not fun or unbalanced. Thanks to my playtesters: Made Zenmanifold FFSmasher pcl flexington tehace gls imWUMPUS LoNeZiLLa Pleirosei AliasedFrog broom Blas Rigg5 and probably more I don't remember Revisions 1: - Reduced width of the column infront of the MH tele so it is easier to maneuver around. - Reduced size of walls to the left and right of the GL tele so it is easier to maneuver out of that box. - Raised ceiling above MH so that flow is easier in both directions. Screenshots:
  12. brimstone

    Downloading Maps From Servers

    1. Would there happen to be a place that the maps you don't have get saved to when you join a server running a map you don't have saved locally? 2. Is there a way to save maps from the server you are currently in? Thanks.
  13. Maggara


    This is my first try at making a map for this game. All critique is accepted and improvement suggestions are allowed. Screenshots ReflexFiles Page
  14. Xytaglyph

    [2fort v0.5] - TFC Port

    This is my rendition of the classic Team Fortress map. It is heavily modified to accomodate the Reflex playstyle. This map will hopefully make a good 1v1 map eventhough its kindof large. This is my first map so constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. v0.52- Spaced out YA and Healthpack Quincunx Added Teleporter from lower Changed Aesthetics from Red to Dark Grey with Red accents v0.51- Tweaked some Aesthetics Lowered bunker wall so MH can be rocketed from middle bridge Moved GL from corner to center of teleporter path Moved IC from corner to pillar Added 2 pillars in lower area Added stairs to lower area Improved ramp triple jump from lower to YA on battlements Added slits to Battlements to allow for more map awareness and less domination from above ---DOWNLOAD: http://reflexfiles.com/file/170
  15. Just wanted to say that I think the game looks really nice with the dev textures, and or though I look forward to seeing the gothic and ruined themes, I would like to see some maps keep the clinical dev texture look. Maybe not worth a thread, but there you go
  16. theENiGMAman


    version 1.0 Been playing around in the editor for the past couple of days and finally solidified a concept - birthing 'TechForge'.TechForge is the first map I've madefor Reflex (took about 2 days to complete) so there may be a few bits sub par - You can give me feedback which is always greatly appreciated!! The map is still under development so item placements may change based on feedback and further play-testing, and possibly some structural additions and/or adjustments may be made. You can download the map here at ReflexFiles.com. Credit to F14m3z for helping me Dev the map!
  17. Yeah, what the title says. Spend some time on writing such tool. Attempt to convert .bsp to a Reflex .map format. Current state: Not working at all. 1. Crashes game on map loading, when one brush have too many of something. Faces or vertices - don't figured yet. 2. If not crashes, loadings nothing. I found one (or single) reason, why that happens: Reflex engine requires to use at least 3 faces in brush, and allows only convex forms. (Tested: If make one vertex to be non-convex, entire brush didn't loads) 3. Currently tool converts only visual geometry. Roadmap: 1. Visible geometry. (In progress) 2. Entities. (First public testing release?) 3. Liquids. 4. Textures, maybe? Anyway, is this tool will be needed, or I'm just doing program that no one will use? But even if it's not will be used by anyone, I'll try to make it work, and will share program with source code, when it's done. Because it's made just for fun. By the way: I have no experience with Quake 3 map making and Reflex map making. Also almost no experience with polygonal graphics.
  18. kryty

    kryty's maps

    kryty_dm1 aka dodecagon Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAzdrN4F0uU In twitch http://www.twitch.tv/kryty/c/5480149 Screenshots Video Not yet made, will make one probably tomorrow. Info First thing I wanted to do was to make a simple remake of the Amphitheater (known as Eye to Eye in Quake Live). Then I started expanding it till I had this. It's so far from Amphitheater that I'd rather say it has influences from it than a remake. A lot of different possibilities for trickjumps, at least 3 ways to get to red at the top without using weapons. Credits for the signature (good luck finding it and idea for the top platform from MHJ. Comments are welcome. Download https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/14366379/Reflex/kryty_dm1/kryty_dm1.zip Changelog Old published versions