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Found 1 result

  1. Recently, I've been very frustrated at how much rank I lose from losing to a player of lower rank. While this is a very common thing in video games it doesn't work properly in reflex due to the low player base. The top 3-4 ranks are quite commonly all equal skill levels, with some lower ranked players being able to beat higher ranked players on certain maps, or being particularily good against a certain play style. Heres an example: Kyto beats gaiia on the catalyst because that's his best map, he ranks up to prime overlord and they requeue into another duel. This time its aerowalk and gaiia smashes kyto. Their 1-1 but kyto has significantly lower rank than when he first played. Here's how it should be: the amount you lose should be relative to the number not the rank. A prime overlord sitting at 2500 will lose a ton to a overlord sitting at 2499. edit:higher rank punishments for losing should only come into effect at a skill number difference of around 500 There's a second way matchmaking punishes you for winning, it massively increases your queue times. Sane wasn't queuing for 1h30m on prime time NA because nobody had turbo queue enabled. They just simply couldn't play with him even with it on. The only reason I can play this game is because a lot of my friends use community servers. Otherwise I would simply not be able to find enough matches to justify playing. Turbo queue should remove ALL skill rating barriers. A lot of people just wanna play a match. Edit: I'm NA so things might be different with skill distribution among rank in EU. Idk about things over there