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Found 5 results

  1. Furioness

    Matchmaking website lagging as shit

    Title says all, maybe was said already but if still no fixes... Lucky if it loads in 10s, often it simply returns 500 error.
  2. Furioness

    Wrong map in Competitive duel

    Simply we voted for Static and instead got Fusion, FUSION CARL! Often enough (similar cases with wrong maps) to get annoyed. http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=915714203 https://reflexmm-149202.appspot.com/matchstats?replay={470F646A-16FD-44B3-8E03-F41C3F221B4A}
  3. A. Benz

    Lobby System or not?

    Hello, what kinda matchmaking system do you prefer? A more classic one as we see in CSGO/SC2/DOTA/LoL or a lobby system as we have in Shootmania/Reflex? Explanations: Classic: you opt-in and simply wait, can't play while queuing rocket-league-like: you opt-in and are free to do whatever you want Personally i think a rocket-league-like system would be the best as it allows you to do whatever you want. Regards
  4. Hey, i just played a duel vs. @Stalast and we both got stuck in the end-screen after our match. Regards
  5. Hi, so i punched together a veeery rough duel matchmaking system in the last few hours. Go visit www.fpsports.eu -> register account -> enter steamid -> play. It is VERY basic atm. Simply search...get matched, ban maps, connect to server. Close match. Since we can't determine the results atm: be fair. If you lose, vote for the winner. Points are basic ELO atm. A lot of stuff will be done, displaying ranks, mapvoting/banning ...etc. etc. But for now this should make stuff a bit more handy. I have 22 servers up atm. I could add more though if needed. ToDo-list (what's possible at the moment): - match history ***** FOR NOW THE MM-SYSTEM IS DISABLED ****** Waiting for stuff like: - stats, so players don't have to enter results - server-side stuff to prevent connecting with wrong steamid - linux dedicated server Regards