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Found 3 results

  1. Speedbot

    Burst Gun

    I'm sure you already know what this is about. Burst Gun is useless. It's a shotgun with a smaller spread and terrible damage unless you are toe to toe with the enemy. Why is that a problem? Because there's another weapon you start with called melee and you also need to be face to face to use it. This weapon does 100 damage every time you hit with it though. This is why Burst Gun is useless. We need a starter weapon worth a damn. MG is the non-melee spawn weapon in Quake Live is actually a viable weapon, it does 5 damage per tick and can dish out respectable DPS. If you want to keep the Burst Gun it needs to be changed, maybe make it like a weaker PG?
  2. Screenshot Even though I have the battle mace in my inventory, the ability to change melee weapons is not present. Any ideas?
  3. Ammazzabanane

    Throwing Melee

    So i've been munching on this idea and thought i would share it with you guys and maybe have a little discussion about it. I know the game's concept at te moment relays on simplicity and having a single fire mode on all weapons and obviously i respect that and like that, but wouldnt it be interesting if it was possible to throw your melee axe (or crowbar, banana or whatever) as a last resort, having it dealing 100 dmg but then having to pick it up? it felt like it was something fresh and interesting to think about.