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Found 5 results

  1. ish

    How to: 3D Model reflex files

    What program has been used to create the 'reflex.mesh' files in the internal.pak, because i would love to create a stakegun for myself - since the current one is boring. I never worked with any 3D modeling software and before i spend credits on programs that don't work, i would rather be certain it is the right one. I found this thread here, but i can't tell what to do from it.
  2. TornadoStorm

    [Request] Short Grass

    Hello! I request a simple mesh from the devs; some form of short, yet dense grass, usefull as lawn grass, or decoration for terrain rather than plain green flat ground. The kind of stuff you'd see in someone's backyard, or perhaps a football field. The current grass meshes including the fade_01 and fade_02 are not really short, rather are low density, making them unsuitable for lawngrass.
  3. TornadoStorm

    Meshs pls

    Hello, I feel the game is really lacking in terms of mesh content. It's difficult to come up with a full scale beautiful map full of foliage and all, without much for foliage meshes Could we please have a few more meshes? Personally, I'm only in need for a few more foliage meshes for a start, like coniferrous trees, large vines, logs, and perhaps flowers. Primitive shapes such as spheres, cubes, pyramids, or even 2D meshes like quads, triangles etc would be cool to have, to assemble together to make more unique shapes without the need to use laggy brushes. Edit: Other trees such as palm trees, jungle trees or even the tree that was previously removed from the game would be pretty cool too
  4. I4N

    Mesh wishlist

    I thought we may have some good ideas for future meshes we can pimp our maps with!
  5. TornadoStorm

    Suggestion for the editor

    Greetings, I was thinking about how the in-game editor works, and how the brushes are made, then I had this idea of how meshes could be made, Maybe there could be some way that meshes could be made in a 3rd party software such as blender, and then converted into a brush/prefab? This could be a great temporary replacement for more advanced vertex editing tools for the editor, and would be much easier than having an in-game model editor. What do ya think?