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Found 2 results

  1. TornadoStorm

    Meshs pls

    Hello, I feel the game is really lacking in terms of mesh content. It's difficult to come up with a full scale beautiful map full of foliage and all, without much for foliage meshes Could we please have a few more meshes? Personally, I'm only in need for a few more foliage meshes for a start, like coniferrous trees, large vines, logs, and perhaps flowers. Primitive shapes such as spheres, cubes, pyramids, or even 2D meshes like quads, triangles etc would be cool to have, to assemble together to make more unique shapes without the need to use laggy brushes. Edit: Other trees such as palm trees, jungle trees or even the tree that was previously removed from the game would be pretty cool too
  2. Define the Light Probe volumes manually? Around Christmas I was wondering about the way the Light Probes pretty much are placed inside a box that takes its size from the smallest possible orthogonal volume that includes *everything* present in the map. Unless I am mistaken. This works pretty well (automatically) if your map is pretty much a box map. But if you have a central map with "floating" islands further away, e.g. for decoration, to give the map more 3D depth (other engines seem to use sky portals for this), this will create a stupendously huge Light Probe volume, that takes ages to light compile. This happened to me in AEpyraR2 where I move large clip brushes out of the map via 512u snap grid, thus enlarging the Light Probe volume. I also accidentally had a clip brush out there. Bottom line and question: I am wondering if it would not make sense to let the mapper define the Light Probe volumes manually in special cases, to bring down the light compile times? If not defined the game falls back to the automatic volume assessment. Meshes and Lightmap Compile times? The larger light probe volume does not seem to be the only reason the lightmap compile times increased from 583s to a massive 2775s after adding quite a few stone block meshes to the map AEpyraR2. So do meshes increase light compile times massively? (on an ATi HD 5850, 0.36.4 Reflex)... or am I using the meshes incorrectly?