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Found 10 results

  1. As the title says, when both players pick up an item at the exact same time, the lowest client index gets the item. This is mostly a problem if both players are on an item pedestal as it spawns. I think a better way to handle this edge case is to give the item to whoever is closer to the center point of the item.

    UI Inconsistencies

    This is minor but needs to be cleaned up. Im only going to list some of them because I don't know each one off hand. UI elements by their corner style: Rounded Corners No Outline: ScoreBoard UI ToolTips on the Awards Page Training Goal List Buffs Health/Armour Bar Ammo Count Rounded Corners With Outline: ChatBox KillFeed Square Corners No outline: UI ToolTips Menu UI Callvote Popup f1/f2 vote thingy Pickup Timers Scoreboard buttons (View steamprofile/friends) Inner Health/Armour Bar box
  3. Repro: Save map -> See spooky text fly across the screen for a single frame. It might have been introduced with training?
  4. When playing experimental mode, if you pick up a shotgun, you'll immediately get the low ammo notification for it.
  5. You know the little X marker decal for ammo and the "pucks" for weapons and armour.
  6. Explosion effect seems to be showing at the incorrect position after a grenade bounces multiple times. I have attached a video demonstrating the issue. MP4 demonstration. I don't know if this was introduced as of 0.40 but I was unable to find another report on the issue. Connection to dedicated server with a constant latency of 13.
  7. I genuinely cant tell which health pick-up this is. I don't think simple items are the answer to this problem, just something that doesn't go white when water is behind it.
  8. Steps to reproduce: Make something like ".map" or savemap (space) now when you go to see your map list, typing just "map" in the console causes ".map" to load instead of showing a list of maps.
  9. MINOR editor bug ATM - when you save a map with a gun drop from a dead player the map will save the gun as a pick-up item. I've linked a video of it happening below. http://thefatcheetah.com/grabs/reflexfps-reload-bug.mp4