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Found 9 results

  1. This is my first post here, so I'll be quickly. I have customized sound pack from Quake Live and Quake World. Everything works perfectly nice except by 2 things, the mega and armor. I don't know why happen this. In a oldest version that I had it works perfectly. I have the theory that the name files aren't any more "health_mega_pickedup.wav" or "armor_color_pickedup.wav" So If somebody knows the current file name I could be placed. I need have the full mix of sounds for my reflex ^^ Ps: Yeah, I'm kinda perfectionist btw.
  2. Herro, I would like to share my Reflex 'competitive' pack, which replaces your current mother-in-law, sounds, visuals and has all the important competitive widgets included (imo). So what does this pack do? Does it mess up my Reflex? - Yes No (but be sure to read the disclaimer down below if you are a pc novice), if you extract this .rar into your reflex main folder, maintaining the folder structure, it will not override anything of the existing Reflex files. In fact, if you don't like a file in this pack you can just remove or rename it, and it will revert back to the old Reflex file (which is in your internal.pak, just don't ever touch the original internal.pak!) Okay sounds cool, so what's included in this pack? Will this make me pwn more players? - Well, yes and no (but mostly no). I included sounds from various sources (painkiller, quake 1/2/3, even a bit of warsow and some other misc sounds). Ofcourse the sounds are merely there to enhance your Reflex experience (i never appreciated the plastic sound of Reflex). However what might affect your gameplay the most is the rest that's included. This pack also removes all the smoke, sparks, blood and all that unneeded yadda yadda. How? By making all the files transparant, they are still there, you just won't see them anymore. Wtf, sounds like cheating! And isn't it illegal? - Well, i wouldn't go as far to say it's cheating, it just removes some of the excess obscuring effects that plagues you in close combat. Concerning the illegal part, well yeah, obviously these sounds weren't made by me so i guess it's *illegal* but i've seen similar stuff being posted around here so i'll take my chances. Those games are old, dead and forgotten anyway. Anything else? - Yeah, there's actually plenty of sounds to choose from. If you browse through the folders you will see additional files with an underscore such as _q3, just remove the _q3 to make it your default sound. For example for LG i included sounds from painkiller, quake 3 and more. To each his own! Also there are 2 files in the plasma and ioncannon folder, which will render them invisible (not just for you, also the enemy's beam, so you won't be blinded as much). Just remove _trans at the end of each file. Oh and there's also the alternative glowcore boltrifle from mikemartin, hope he doesn't mind. Lol that's nice and all but where's the actual goddamn file? - Mirror: https://mega.nz/#!IE5i2TJa!Hfkt2SwHxLsR6JDzOOYyJYIPHt9Uqj80UdDagZfG7NA Update 28/08/16: Added idle sounds for IC/Bolt (Quake 3), added Painkiller stakegun sounds, added QL killsound, added new RA pickup sound, muted burstgun particles sound Disclaimer: Do not use if you are a Call of Duty fan who values graphics over gameplay. Follow given instructions carefully. Padawan is not responsible for any damage done to your pc or if it ends up crashing into oblivion accompanied by a thousand Blue Screens of Death, nor if you end up with your dick stuck in a toaster due to unclear instructions. Use product at your own risk. Padawan endorses the use of Fatal1ty Gaming Food for the best possible experience.
  3. I was bored as all get out this past weekend so I decided it would be fun to take my modest skillset in audio mixing and resample and remix some sounds for reflex. I'm not done yet as there are other I need to complete as well as to polish up the ones in place, but this has proven to be a fun little spontaneous project. Wadda y'all think?
  4. Updated To V3: Feb 28th 2016 Thanks to vo0 for taking interest and helping to fix the incorrect hit sounds and various others After the release of Reflex Capture The Flag, this mod will be updated with painkillers CTF sounds Hello! I've spent several days porting about 87 sounds to reflex for the old fans of the game and the love of reflex. install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files. Download: mikemartin.co/dev/reflex Note: Race finish and Round start sounds are the best. Video of painkiller 1v1: youtube.com/watch?v=3nuFLaKs8Yc Changelog v3: packaged with the new .pak system updated ion cannon sound with inhibitors Changelog v2: hit sounds were completely from a different game, they now use PK++ hit sounds kill sound was incorrect, now uses PK++ famous "SHTONK" kill sound shard sound was weapon pick, switched to new suitable sound because PK did not have shards shotgun was an incorrect shotgun sound from SP quad and protection were reversed bolt rifle was tested with stake gun sounds and didnt work out so it was reverted 25h sound was overbearing plus PK had no 25h so now 25h & 50h are the same sound weapon pickup sound is now using the correct MP sound instead of the SP version freezegun sound was being used for shotgun which was incorrect burstgun fire and impact sounds now use the freezegun sounds ioncannon used lightning gun sounds from SP, now uses MP sounds
  5. Hello, I've ported my old cpm/defrag/promode railgun core into reflex and I'm sharing it with you! install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files. Download: mikemartin.co/dev/reflex
  6. mikeMARTIN.co

    Fat Boi Ion Cannon Final

    Created as a request but now packaged into a .pak file for easier installation and uninstallation. Video shows with an without bloom. A different color variant is in the works. install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files. DOWNLOAD AT: http://www.mikemartin.co/dev/reflex
  7. Nitsuj

    Ion cannon core effect

    ic_beam_core_c.dds Put both files in internal/weapons/ioncannon I took Qualx Quake sound for the ion cannon and turned the volume down (lower than what is shown in this clip) ioncannon_fire.wav
  8. meowgli


    THE DANKENING IS UPON US GGWP - Dankflex is RIP, none of the following will work anymore hello fine members of the reflex community, today I am here to ruin this lovely game. With unending memes. I want to formally apologize to the wonderful devs, and honor their hard work, but before further adeu... introducing, Memeflex, in association with MAD_JIHAD New video coming soon. Because of the large filesize, and the distributed files, I made a simple batch installer/uninstall+backup YOU DO NOT HAVE TO USE THE BATCH FILE IF YOU SO DISLIKE, I MADE IT FOR MYSELF AND the overwrite will work perfectly without it. Copy of the readme: The dankening v1 both the folder \dankening\ and dank.bat need to be placed in SteamApps\common\Reflex once this is done run dank.bat after doing so and going through the install process, you can enabe mgli_announcer in the widgets menu OR you can manually copy and overwrite files in the base folder, and put the folder Announcer in \SteamApps\common\Reflex\base\internal\ui\widgets\ to uninstall you will have to have created a backup, or delete files and verify game cache DOWNLOAD V2 https://www.dropbox.com/s/my9wzpr1vihpboh/MEMEFLEX_V2.rar?dl=0 OLD:https://www.dropbox.com/s/f7zfs7h424dgsl2/memeflex_v1.rar?dl=0
  9. This is made for maximum visibility. Since as of now we can only successfully re-texture the models to be completely black with green outlines, without disrupting the model lighting, i created a texture set of blank white/light gray textures that replace the default game textures to help make the blacks stand out. It looks like r_picmip 16 in quake live but with no browns. Video: Get it here: https://mega.co.nz/#!JMIxTIRA!ok-zkCxupnmurKPKwQvLzL-64PrZZkfrG8vlaw-zsKU Place the contents of wall_textures into Reflexbasestructuraldev Place the contents of enemy_textures into Reflexbaseinternalcharactershostile Be sure to back up your original textures before replacing them.