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Found 1 result

  1. Been playing a bit more lately and I just can't get over how inconsistent my 180's feel and my cjs just feel really off and sort of random... This isn't the ground friction I think.. Might be framerate related but I just can't help feeling like mouse input just can't keep up when doing fairly quick turns or flicks and my sight ending up in a fairly random place... It's not consistently bad like in unreal engine it's more like it's skipping.. Couple hours of duels and defrag and it's pretty much all I can think of How the sight just isn't where I'm expecting it to be most of the time Also the mouse feels quite different in windowed mode as zev pointed out and it feels worse the less fps I have The game feels choppy as well despite r_showfps showing quite high fps.. I'm unsure why this is.. Only theory I have on that is perhaps microstuttering? I'd love to help test it out any way I can but my skillz are lacking so unsure how much help I could be