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Found 8 results

  1. I have as a gift a new mouse for Christmas. Only this is the first time I have one for gaming. And suddenly I am completely lost to properly adjusted. I always play with mouse provided with the computer. And I had no worries about configuring to play before. Now with his DPI stories. It's not the same, you have to take this into account. I carry out research and the lowest and the best? That's what I did, except that .. This totally upsets my way of playing. I play with 25.5 sensitivity and now with the new mouse it is 40. Is that normal? In addition when I move sometimes she stops or jerky. (Sudden deceleration or rapid change) What is the point of having a mouse adapt for the game, if it is to have problems? The mark of my mouse and an Arokh x-1. It ranges from 800 to 2400 DPI. I also read that it had to take into account that size and a history of doing the 360 calculates to adjust the sensitivity. Something I absolutely have never needed to do. Maybe I use Casual principles but I think we need to change that way to succeed? I do not understand. Just like all the advanced options there are in the Reflex options about mouse and sensitivity. My screen does 1920*1080 and I turn in the game has 250 fps for information. And I do not have a mouse pad, I'm on a wooden desk. I also add that I already disabled the pointer speed improvement in the windows 10 settings. Please help me to be able to play with this new mouse please!
  2. Minecraft has this, and other games too. Great for when you are recording a video and using yourself as the camera, so to speak. Like, people running past you, you can pan smoothly. Please
  3. So if I am playing TF2, Counter strike, Quake, Battlefield (apart from the new one), Cod, or Unreal Tournament, I have my sensitivity set the same (1.25 on a 800 dpi mouse). This gives me exactly the same cm/360 in all the games (differing fov doesn't effect it) and I find this makes my aim much must consistent as I go from game to game. In fact, the vast majority of FPS games use this scale, for example any games in the same engine as the games listed above have this scale. So while I know it's kind of a picky think to point out, I brought a few quake/tf2/csgo plays over to try counter strike who have been confused why they can't just type in the number they always do, and get the exact sensitivity they have in other games. I have seen a few people asking how to convert the number, but nobody suggesting it be changed, so I thought I would post here. I hope it's not a duplicate
  4. LuGia


    Hey, good job on the m_advanced stuff but negative values dont work like in othergames, im negative acceleration user and its impossible to put negative values in accelearation atm. No effect after 0. I know this isint necessary bug but I doubt you are willingly limiting options from players. 0.38.1
  5. RadPanda

    [0.36.3] Mouse Input Issues

    I've been having this input issue that's been present since the 0.36 was launched. Diagonal and sometimes vertical mouse movement seems to get cut off and stopped when the mouse is moved quickly. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GQpmePkD_DI&feature=youtu.be Here's a video of the bug in action. I have my settings turned to low, neither resolution nor graphics options seem to have any effect on it.
  6. LoNeZiLLa

    [0.32.1] Mouse Input Issue

    The mouse movement in-game feels really smooth and nice, but it doesn't feel like what I'm used to (Raw Input, Direct Input) when it comes to other games like CPM. I took some screenshots while using Mouse Movement Recorder comparing the in-menu mouse movement to the in-game mouse movement. http://imgur.com/a/tRoZh I used the following parameters for MMR: MouseMovementRecorder.exe -alwayscatchup -showcatchupdelay The in-menu mouse movement is perfectly fine, but the in-game mouse movement shows pixel drops (green) and a cathcup delay of 500 microseconds. Link to Mouse Movement Recorder: http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/04/markc-mouse-acceleration-fix-builder.html You're going to want to download the "Acceleration Fix Builder @ google drive" It comes with registry fixes, MMR, and MMR's source code.
  7. LoNeZiLLa

    CVAR Requests

    cg_xerpClients cg_predict cg_nudge Descriptions of these cvars can be found here: http://eu.promode.ru/index.php?page=config/client_settings I would like to have a cvar that allows your client to predict projectiles. =] Oh and more mouse commands!
  8. I was wondering if there could be individual sliders for both horizontal and vertical mouse movement. Right now, it feels like the Y sensitivity is way lower than the X sensitivity, moreso than I would like it to be.