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Found 2 results

  1. ZEMOS

    [0.49.1] Full MouseWheel rotation

    Just picked up the game and was wondering if there was a way to make the mousewheel go all the way back around to first weapon or all the way backwards (like it does in quake)? As it is I'm unsure of a way to get back around to 1 without actually cycling though or pressing the 1 key. Thanks in advance, Z
  2. My suggestion is a two parter 1st suggestion is to make an optional feature where you can switch to melee more conveniently, by pressing the bind of the weapon that you're currently holding. One could also decide which weapon they want to give this special treatment to - for example being able to switch to rocket by pressing the bind key of any other weapon that you're holding. 2nd suggestion is to be able to rearrange the order of weapons, the order in which the weapons change when using mwheelup and down. People who use mousewheel for weapon switching are in the minority if not non-existent, but I know a few players who use certain weapon slots (binds) as "center" from which they switch to desired weapon by either rolling the wheel up or down. This feature would serve as a way to organize this better. Changing the switch-order of these weapons should of course not affect the weapon binds/numbers in the input section, however their order should probably be displayed accordingly on HUD. One could also disregard either of these features and remain using the current system. I want them to be optional features for those who would find their use more comfortable, the point here is not to make them mandatory features.