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Found 34 results

  1. Im using this image as an example. Player is moving left to right. The first step is fine, second step you can not go over. I tested in q3 and the way it handles this issue is if you are going really slow it will stop you otherwise you go up like a normal step. Now you might be thinking but mad this isn't meant to mirror q3 movement 1:1. The problem isn't reflexs movement accuracy to q3. You are meant to walk up stairs, specifically you can step up/on on ledges even 16u high. The problem is when making stairs sometimes a step can end up off grid because of rounding errors. Even a teeny tiny rounding error can cause the step to be impossible to go up. Imagine the vertex by the red circle is off grid even a tiny bit and the rest of the verts are on grid, this will cause the step to be broken. I have seen this on a few maps now and only really figured it out a while ago what causes it.
  2. [0.49.1] Jump Height?

    Is jump height intentionally around 61u high? Its weird because you can go higher if you buffer your jump. Example: Try this on a 61u and 62u high brush. Move toward the brush, Jump once, then hold jump mid air and you go a little higher (1u) on the second one because its buffered. You can go 62u high with this jump but only 61 from a non buffered jump. Also after you get go up stairs your player ends up 0.13u above the surface, after you wait some time or jump to reset your player position you eventually end up 0.5u above the floor. You would think thats not very much but it does affect some jumps and consistency. I understand that there has to be some smoothing for stairs but it should reset faster. It would make sense that you can jump onto any 64u high block as thats what the grid is based off and its already almost there, only 2 or 3 units off from making it. Edit: Heres a demonstration of the stairs thing, the numbers displayed are player Y position.
  3. [0.47.3] Super ramp boost bug [fixed]

    https://puu.sh/sbpgY/80f202b70d.mp4 Found on Quickfire. It wasn't there earlier, but it has been a while since I had played this map. Even so I suspect the wallclipping update is to blame. I think I'm ramping off the sheer wall above the intended ramp boost, if mappers want to try and reproduce this.
  4. Hello everyone. I am sharing my work in progress - a co-op race map. 2 players have to work together in order to complete the race. The map is still in experimental phase, and there are few more ideas I'd like to implement before it is in its final form. In order to play it: callvote mode race callvote restart (sadly, there isn't another way reset the targets atm) Feedback is welcome, as usual. Hopefully, a few more people will pick up interest in making similar maps and we'll have a nice map pool to mess around with. For people who like a bigger challenge, or are just plain masochistic, I'll post a hardcore version (no checkpoints) at some point in the future. Thanks to everyone who tested the map and provided feedback. Workshop link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=755999594 Have fun!
  5. Movement Tutorial

    I made a thing. Please read the description, it has links to the tutorials that helped me learn the game (looking at you guys, @KovaaK & @entik!), as well as links to some nice Reflex race videos by wh1te. Those will give you an idea of how deep the movement system goes and just how fast the high skill players can go. It ain't perfect, it was unscripted, but hopefully it will help some people. Share it and show the world how cool Reflex is
  6. End of game movement stats!

    As the name suggests, it would be awesome to get some movement related stats in the end of game stats. Things like: Top speed Average speed # of jumps distance travelled distance travelled while holding +back and others...
  7. Rambling about Reflex whilst watching a close duel I recently played against Sandbox in MM. Original Post below Hi! I have a YouTube channel and Twitch channel and record quite a lot of gameplay, and make videos of whatever I'm playing intensively at the time... which, currently, is Reflex! I've already recorded got a few videos up on my channel and I recently casted the first Instacup 1v1 tournament (complete noob quality because it was my first live cast, and my first live cast of an arena FPS game. And my first time spectating an arena FPS game, really!). Anyway, I figured I'd make a single thread in this forum, in which to post my future videos. I've just uploaded this one: I hope you like it! Feedback is most welcome, and constructive criticism too. Getting notifications that someone has left a comment on one of my videos makes me feel warm and fuzzy. Stay tuned for more! Suggestions are also welcome. I've started work on a video project for Reflex, so, hopefully, something nice will soon appear on my channel. I've been gathering Reflex gameplay footage, and spectating players better than myself, in order to finally edit some sort of highlight video. It should hopefully serve as a 'this is Reflex right now, it is awesome' kind of video. Looking forward to fragging you
  8. I am so bad at movements...

    Hello! I'd like to play in fast paced shooters for a long time. I've started with Quake Live, now I've got Reflex. But I have the same issues as always. I'm really silly with movements. Of course I looked up for guides(from Kovaak and others), did some practice and pure playing, although I'm still very bad at all. Here is a demo video, where I'm trying some movements. Can you watch it please and give me some guidance?
  9. Steam Workshop: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=651920580 A fairly challenging movement map for race mode - More kz-style than traditional defrag. Your first challenge is to reach the finish line without putting your fist through your monitor. After that you'll find plenty of room to refine your time by flowing through sections of the map rather than stalling at individual pads. t7.night and t7.wh1te haven't tried this yet so the WR is up for grabs.
  10. Reflextrain

    REFLEXTRAIN Reflextrain is a personal project of mine that aims to help players improve their mechanical skills regarding movement and also builds upon @Bonuspunkts reflexjump map Workshop link! In Reflextrain you will find sections to train strafing, circlejumping (with and without plasma hops) and rocket jumping. The map also features 3 reflexjump sections, 3 challenge rooms and a freestyle room! Any and all feedback appreciated! Enjoy! Thanks to @MAD_JIHAD, @Bonuspunkt, @memphis, @poub @Warlord Wossman, @DraQu, Night and @rekk0r for their various contributions and input on the map!
  11. fs_court

    Hello, Made a little freestyle map for the purpose of playing around with the movement physics in the game. Turned out to be great fun making my own path around the place so I thought why not upload it? I'm a little iffy about the artstyle so far, and the lightmap build is really ugly, but if anyone wants to remake it, I'd be glad to see it! Got them defrag skills? Why not post a little gameplay? Enjoy: http://reflexfiles.com/file/462
  12. rr_hexrun is now out!

    So I was trying to make maps out of as many pre-afabs as I could as a challenge and this is what I ended up with, a map that is only 55KB. http://reflexfiles.com/file/461 Sorry dial up users, the screen shots are 4k.
  13. prdm1 - Ashur

    ​​ ​prdm1 -​​ duel / 2v2 map REFLEXFILES LINK Big thanks to Warlord Wossman for being my daily consultant​ ​And a thanks to all the players who helped playtest it! SCREENSHOTS
  14. Updated for 0.37 Updated for Reflex 0.36.3 added meshes! Download Link (reflexfiles.com) Another race map brought to you by Meatsausage, tuhmapoika and MAD_JIHAD
  15. cubism a fun race map!

    Download Link (reflexfiles.com) This beautiful race map brought to you by tuhmapoika and MAD_JIHAD tuhmapoika managed to get a time of 9.937!
  16. d3zsi - race maps done

    Ahoy! So as the title suggests, I am finally done with my race maps after a long time Cheers for the easily usable editor, I haven't had the patience to work with Radiant before. This is a newer one, I think only Sweet saw it a little, it haven't been tested by the public. No weapons with some surfing (the harder route only). http://reflexfiles.com/file/328 ​ This one is (my first and) a little more trick-heavy and some plasma-play focused, but still could be done with bunnying. Props to Bej for helping out http://reflexfiles.com/file/329 ​ Any kind of feedback here or online if you catch me are all welcome
  17. sventourney6 - Mehrangarh

    Larger map with my first attempt at natural terrain in Reflex. The name comes from the prison made out of the pit in The Dark Knight Rises. Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/242
  18. sventourney5 - The Shark Tank

    Another remake of work I'd already done in Q2. The original map never really got released, though. This features laser platforms you can stand on but shoot through. Death from below! http://reflexfiles.com/file/235
  19. [0.32.1] Mouse Input Issue

    The mouse movement in-game feels really smooth and nice, but it doesn't feel like what I'm used to (Raw Input, Direct Input) when it comes to other games like CPM. I took some screenshots while using Mouse Movement Recorder comparing the in-menu mouse movement to the in-game mouse movement. http://imgur.com/a/tRoZh I used the following parameters for MMR: MouseMovementRecorder.exe -alwayscatchup -showcatchupdelay The in-menu mouse movement is perfectly fine, but the in-game mouse movement shows pixel drops (green) and a cathcup delay of 500 microseconds. Link to Mouse Movement Recorder: http://donewmouseaccel.blogspot.com/2010/04/markc-mouse-acceleration-fix-builder.html You're going to want to download the "Acceleration Fix Builder @ google drive" It comes with registry fixes, MMR, and MMR's source code.
  20. mcedm1 - Relativity

    Based on MC Escher's Relativity. Created by Sebben Items, textures, lighting, and hosting by BananaBreadman Still testing item placement and tele alignment, any feedback is greatly appreciated! This is my first completed map, as such I am struggling to produce an appealing and glitch-free lightmap. If anyone with more experience than myself can take a look and explain what I did wrong or perhaps direct me to the proper protocol for building an efficient lightmap, that would also be appreciated. Can be found here: http://reflexfiles.com/file/190 or on Bread's server: http://steamcommunity.com/broadcast/watch/76561198190663828/
  21. 3elements is a movement / race map I made to become better in the movement. The map can be challenging if you're not familiar with the movement but once you know the basics and have completed the map a few times, you should be able to do it pretty quickly. I added a megahealth at the start so if you want to time your try, grab that (you get that on the first area tele exit) and do your run, you can count how many seconds your run took from the remaining health if you made it within 99 seconds. Might still edit it or add something but I'm relatively happy with the current release. Thanks to Everyone who tried this map while I was making this map. There are way too many people to name mainly because I'm bad with names and there were so many of you testing out my map. The map wouldn't be as close as good as it is now without the comments and support of the players. Please comment on the map and let me know how fast you manage to do the run. I managed 61 seconds with some mistakes and without any shortcuts so it should be fairly easy to beat that. Download http://reflexfiles.com/file/169 Screenshots Video (I'd recommend playing through the map first but here's a bad playthrough if you want to see it...) Could someone explain why the jump at the end of the video gets me higher than usually? I have no idea why that happens sometimes. Changelog
  22. Hi, Like it's very important for the Arena modes and like I already made many and many private lessons in the past and a bit in Reflex for all the types of rocket jumps I prefered to make a Defrag map right now. At the moment the map have only 4 levels with 38 corridors for each level, but in the futur and with some good ideas many levels could be added. Level 1 : Using a vertical wall for doing a rocket jump for the higher speed only. The last corridor pass 1024 units in length and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units. Level 2 : Using only the floor for doing a rocket jump for the higher speed only. The last corridor pass 1024 units in length and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units. Level 3 : Using a bumper to have 854ups and doing a rocket jump on the floor for the higher speed and a final height of 288 units. The last corridor pass 1136 units in length and 288 in height and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units in length and 2 units in height. Level 4 : Using a bumper to have 854ups and doing a rocket jump on the floor for the higher speed only. The last corridor pass 1520 units in length and each previous corridor decreases it by 16 units. Link : http://reflexfiles.com/file/174 Feedback : I already spec a beginner during a test on my serv' and on the first level he failed the second corridor at his first try but manage after and continued the next... and omg! he said me "I like this map"! Yeah! Youtube : Thanks : To my mates like always! And to Smilecythe for the youtube!
  23. Updated 25-05-2015, see two new screenshots and versioning comments Updated 03-08-2015, new flat area in main room Updated 09-04-2016, adjusted to player height, some decor, enlarged some rooms This is a training map to practice and refine movement skills. It was originally made for CPMA but carries over extremely well to Reflex. The principle behind b0 is that almost all of the moves and jumps have their original counterparts in existing maps. So by jumping around you don't practice an abstract skill of strafepads or double/triple jumps but actual shortcuts and moves you can use during deathmatch. Additionally the jumps have usually been made a bit harder (distance/height) so when you go back to the actual maps, the jumps will be easier to execute. The jumps are organized in four categories: "Training" (numbered, strung together as sequences, ascending difficulty) "Technique" (specific weapons or jumps like double, triple and stairs) "Special" (freestyle, puzzles, experiments) "Run" (crystalline teleporters, hybrid versions of sequenced jumps and/or freestyle rooms) The map, huge thank you to reflexfiles and goober is up here: http://reflexfiles.com/file/149 An awesome guide: Some pictures: What's next? Right now this is absolutely work in progress. There are a few missing brushes, texturing, lighting is being worked on right now. However, b0 is actually not supposed to exit beta, ever. Its purpose is to serve as a training resource. So it only makes sense that it is updated from time to time to remain relevant. Triple jumps are a great example for this. Changes in movement code are another. Intervals could range from weeks to years, whatever makes sense and time allows Versioning: 2015-02-07 - 001 - Ported from b0_final for CPMA, teleporters and navigation functional. 2015-05-25 - 002 - Added completely new playground room including easy (!) pads and opportunities to practice air control, telejumps and a few more things. Contains additional jumppads to help new players reach speed and practice moving at and maintaining high velocity. Triple jump room refined and usable, looking forward to who completes it 2015-08-03 - 003 - New flat 2400x2400 unit flat area adjacent to main room with line markers to practice circle jumping and running and showing off basics to spectators if needed. 2016-04-08 - 004 - Redid some areas visuallyfor fun and looks, more importantly fixed jumps that used headbumps
  24. brrun1 - Simple run map

    Easy run map based off of (http://ws.q3df.org/map/r7-hog/). I have changed a pretty large amount but I actually lost the changelog where typed out all my changes from the converted map. If I can find it I will repost it here. Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/106 Video: Screenshot:
  25. People seemed fairly interested in strafe pads so I worked out a bit of a conversion and touchup from a q3 map. However I am unsure of the actual origin of these pads because the map I pulled them from originally (https://ws.q3df.org/map/w3spgaz_strafes/) does not seem like the actual origin of the pads since they're using cos____ textures so I am assuming that they are actually from this map (https://ws.q3df.org/map/cos1_beta7b/). Due to the large scale of the map I would really not recommend building lightmaps unless you are going to use r_lm_texel_size 10000000000 as I did in the screenshots otherwise you're going to be waiting a very long time for a very dark map. Other than that basic stuff the map is fairly bare bones right now and I will probably work on updating it when I have time. Download: http://reflexfiles.com/file/105 Screenshots: