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Found 2 results

  1. EU Mumble Server

    Mumble server for all you EU folks, feel free to join whenever and set up temporary chanells or whatever if you want. Also if you want to use it for any tournament or event feel free, just ask me on Steam so I can set up permissions and channels and shit. My Steam link is on my website is my signature. The same goes for my Reflex server. IP: mumble.heyqtwhatsyour.name Port: 64738 Reflex server: connect connect reflex.heyqtwhatsyour.name:25832 EDIT: also feel free to use it for games other than Reflex if you want EDIT 2: shootout to swiftnode for hooking me up with a free mumble server, port has changed to 64738 now
  2. NA Mumble server for community

    Fastidious was asking about a mumble server for the community to use. I setup one with 50 user limit on f3allready.com and made a few channels, any idea's or admin stuff message me on irc #reflex or email: aliasedfrog@gmail.com