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Found 3 results

  1. Goulox

    Suggestions on timing

    Hello, I read the recent topics from Kovaak "We need to talk about the state of the game" and also the topic from Colossus "Widgets/Addons and what is considered cheating?". I must say there are quite a lot of interesting ideas. While everybody agree that timing items is a laborious part of the game for new players (and even for experienced players, doing calculation is not the funniest part of the game), it is very difficult to imagine a replacement solution without altering the gameplay, at the expense of tactics. So, I would like to propose a solution on this particular aspect (timing) which is valuable both for duel and multiplayer modes, taking inspiration from all I read recently on this forum. Main idea : no timers but auto-timers When -and only if- a player : see an item pickup (visible on screen) OR hear an item pickup (the sound is played on his client side) : then the corresponding timer is set accordingly automatically The timers are displayed just like the timers in casual/spec mode At the moment the timer is set, there is a visual effect to enhance it on the hud (example : the item's logo grows/blinks...) In team game modes, the timers are shared among the players of a team HUD improvements (for readability and new players) : when a player as no information on an item timing : the corresponding timer in the hud have to express it clearly (ex. with symbol '???') If item is up : the symbol in the hud has to be more explicit ( ex. blinking '!!UP!!' , and not just like the current one : '-') Properties : Easier to time (no more calculations) Make timing more explicit for new players Give insights on the importance of having (or not) information on pickups for new players No changes in tactical point of view, just removing tedious aspects of timing Not a complex change in code of the game I suppose Timing with the clock is still possible when you don't see exactly the pick up, but deduce it No need to look at the clock, except for end-game or timing weapons precisely Secondary improvements : On top of the hud info, the items could be seen through walls when there are up. One could see a little circle-shaped hourglass when it is reloading at the location of the item. And see nothing when having no info. For the team modes : experienced players use bindings commonly to communicate. Even if the item timings are shared, it is still useful to give instructions to teammates. There definitely should be built-in quick messages (such as in rocket league or dota2 for instance) to chose from a list, per-game mode (ex. carnage/RA/mh soon, regroup, flag in/out low/high/middle, gl hf, gg, whatever etc.) This is not only convenient but it is also a good way to draw attention of new players to what matters.
  2. Heyo, love the new update and it made game a whole lot better, matchmaking was desperately needed and I hope that it will bring in new players in to game population. However I believe that there is a problem that is stopping population from growing because of it's current population. The problem is the extreme skill difference between current player base and future player base. Right now I just played vs a dude on silver that was practically spawn killing me and the my matchmaking calibration consisted of this : Won, was an easy game Lost, should not of gotten nervous and be more relaxed and I would of won be he did play well Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Victory! I understand that vets here are seasoned and have very well earned their right to play at their skill level because it was earned though large amount of training and I by no means to say that you just let new guys win but instead drop down to their level, skip out on mega and red armor, and win game with the score of 15-13 instead of 50-0. Because it really is demoralizing and kills really intensive to play the game, finish the match or even carry on playing this game overall. Now I'm a dude that played quake since I was a kid and I know when I am being toyed with but I do appreciate the fact they are at least giving me a chance to win the game(even tho we both know that I will loose) and actually makes match waaay more fun. Shout out to ''dansen'' for that match. What I am saying that if you vets see a new guy just starting out or dude playing below your skill level, don't just stomp him with 50-0, instead let him explore and get the powerups and win the game with a score of 18-15, it will keep new players around and not make them go ''Fuck this game'' right after their first match. PS: Pardon the format and errors, late as hell and tired.
  3. Hi my name is dvs and I'm new to reflex. I met some really cool people in this community and I thought I'd make a group for new players like me, who want to still participate in tournaments and improve with other new players. Since the arenafps genre is full of people who have been playing this game forever, I'm looking to make this group to have new players feel more welcome and to not be frustrated with the game when they play against players who are above their level. The group is public and I'd love for you and your friends to join! http://steamcommunity.com/groups/eunewbz Once we have enough players, we'll open registration for the first tournament, happening this Saturday evening. The ladder wll be hosted on challonge.com and we are also looking for someone to stream some duels, so leave a response here if you'd be interested in that Hope this thread gets a good response, thanks for reading! Edit: the rules and stuff: The map pool is gonna be(all in competitive ruleset): - 421 - Simplicity - xy2 - The catalyst All matches are going to be BO1 except for the finals which will be BO3, decide which player gets to ban a map first by using the ~roll # command in the discord, the user who rolls the higher number out of 100 gets to ban the first map, the map that remains gets played. After finishing the match, submit the scores to challonge; the winner gets 1 point and the loser gets 0. You can use any server as long as both players agree to it, no spectators except for casters/streamers. Edit: Prize pool added: Thanks to Chandos, we now have a prize pool of 5 CS:GO keys for the first place. We are looking at possibly having a prize pool for 2nd place as well, updates soon.