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Found 2 results

  1. Hello everyone, now that Matchmaking is live, you can retrieve your demos/replays from the official MM servers here: http://replays.reflexarena.com/
  2. Recently someone posted the "official" colours for the weapons... I have been using them for the weapon pads in AEpyraR2. Next will be a mesh-version of AEdm7R... and that map used the original grid textures a lot. So I looked through the old Reflex textures and grabbed the colours from them: Reflex weapon colours: Axe 253 253 253 FDFDFD off white Burst 0 252 252 00FCFC light blue SG 252 148 0 FC9400 pastel orange Grenade 98 218 73 62DA49 pastel light green Plasma 252 0 252 F200F2 intense pink RL 242 0 0 F20000 intense red IC 0 126 252 007EFC pastel blue Bolt 244 244 2 F4F402 pastel yellow Stake 126 0 0 7E0000 dark red Old texture colours: dev_aqua 26F2F2 dev_magenta F226F2 dev_aquadark 268C8C dev_magentadark 8C268C dev_black 000000 dev_orange F28D26 dev_blue 2C2CF2 dev_orangedark 8C5A26 dev_bluedark 26268C dev_pink F2268E dev_bluelight 268DF2 dev_pinkdark 8C265A dev_green 26F226 dev_purple 8E26F2 dev_greendark 268C26 dev_purpledark 5A268C dev_greenlight 26F28E dev_red F22626 dev_grey64 404040 dev_reddark 8C2626 dev_grey128 808080 dev_white FFFFFF dev_grey192 C0C0C0 dev_yellow F2F226 dev_lime 8EF226 dev_yellowdark 8C8C26 dev_limedark 5A8C26 Misc: Wood brown: 6b523dCould help a few folks trying to use the old colours on the new meshes. Some colours I am wondering about are the Quad, RA, and MH colours, if you know them, post them here please.