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Found 1 result

  1. Heyo, love the new update and it made game a whole lot better, matchmaking was desperately needed and I hope that it will bring in new players in to game population. However I believe that there is a problem that is stopping population from growing because of it's current population. The problem is the extreme skill difference between current player base and future player base. Right now I just played vs a dude on silver that was practically spawn killing me and the my matchmaking calibration consisted of this : Won, was an easy game Lost, should not of gotten nervous and be more relaxed and I would of won be he did play well Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Rape Victory! I understand that vets here are seasoned and have very well earned their right to play at their skill level because it was earned though large amount of training and I by no means to say that you just let new guys win but instead drop down to their level, skip out on mega and red armor, and win game with the score of 15-13 instead of 50-0. Because it really is demoralizing and kills really intensive to play the game, finish the match or even carry on playing this game overall. Now I'm a dude that played quake since I was a kid and I know when I am being toyed with but I do appreciate the fact they are at least giving me a chance to win the game(even tho we both know that I will loose) and actually makes match waaay more fun. Shout out to ''dansen'' for that match. What I am saying that if you vets see a new guy just starting out or dude playing below your skill level, don't just stomp him with 50-0, instead let him explore and get the powerups and win the game with a score of 18-15, it will keep new players around and not make them go ''Fuck this game'' right after their first match. PS: Pardon the format and errors, late as hell and tired.