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Found 2 results

  1. Hey Reflex mapping community, does anyone know if it is possible to port maps from Painkiller to Reflex? I tried to find information but I have no experience in mapping... that is everything I found: 1 Remakes: @Terifire did a remake of DM_Sacred: and another guy too: but if you read in the comments on youtube he deleted the map file... I have not found any attempts to port Painkiller maps to Reflex... 2. Quake World: DM_Meatless was remade for Quake World: http://www.quakeworld.nu/forum/topic/1499/45224/meatless/ the last post is even a working download for the map. then I found in another thread this post: " yeah.. DM_Sacred is brilliant by the way: i've seen a ztndm3 copy for Painkiller and it was the original map converted (the brush work was identical, textures too). this means there's a possibility to convert backwards: pk maps to qw maps. a faithful q1sacred should be very nice maybe we'll convert some pk players to qw too in the process " http://www.quakeworld.nu/forum/topic/561/5665/painkiller-whatd-you-think-about-it/ it's actually the only interesting post in the whole thread concerning porting maps. 3. Painkiller mapping: For Painkiller itself it seems that the maps were mad in the "PainEditor" as I found a tutorial for singleplayer maps but I guess it's the same for multiplayer... http://pkzone.org/paineditor-basics-tutorial-singleplayer-levels/ Then I found a tutorial how to import Painkiller map files into 3ds max: http://pkzone.org/import-mpk-to-3ds-max-tutorial/ I would be very thankful for any information! As the stake gun is coming back to Reflex it would be nice to play it on some classical Painkiller maps thanks in advance!!! j
  2. Updated To V3: Feb 28th 2016 Thanks to vo0 for taking interest and helping to fix the incorrect hit sounds and various others After the release of Reflex Capture The Flag, this mod will be updated with painkillers CTF sounds Hello! I've spent several days porting about 87 sounds to reflex for the old fans of the game and the love of reflex. install the pak file into your /base directory with all the other pak files. Download: mikemartin.co/dev/reflex Note: Race finish and Round start sounds are the best. Video of painkiller 1v1: youtube.com/watch?v=3nuFLaKs8Yc Changelog v3: packaged with the new .pak system updated ion cannon sound with inhibitors Changelog v2: hit sounds were completely from a different game, they now use PK++ hit sounds kill sound was incorrect, now uses PK++ famous "SHTONK" kill sound shard sound was weapon pick, switched to new suitable sound because PK did not have shards shotgun was an incorrect shotgun sound from SP quad and protection were reversed bolt rifle was tested with stake gun sounds and didnt work out so it was reverted 25h sound was overbearing plus PK had no 25h so now 25h & 50h are the same sound weapon pickup sound is now using the correct MP sound instead of the SP version freezegun sound was being used for shotgun which was incorrect burstgun fire and impact sounds now use the freezegun sounds ioncannon used lightning gun sounds from SP, now uses MP sounds