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Found 8 results

  1. HaraldQuake

    bad performance

    Hey guys. Since the new update I get extremely low fps (~25 fps). Any ideas how to fix this? My guess is that it might have to do with the new texture streaming or sv_pure? I uninstalled all addons and the problem still exists. Is there a way to disable texture streaming?
  2. My gf tried to play reflex the other day on her laptop. And she got like 30 FPS. She has a Dell E6410 with these specs. The only difference is that she has an SSD and 8 GB RAM. We set everything (gfx-wise) on low and changed the resolution to 640x480. Only then she was able to get 30 FPS. For comparison (and because playing reflex together wasn't really gonna work), we tried Quake live. There she got +-84 FPS @1440x900 (native) (with r_enablepostprocess "1"; I know setting it to 0 gives a huge performance boost on crappy machines, so I guess we still had room to improve those 84 FPS). Now maybe quake works entirely different than reflex, but I was sort of expecting she could run this. Reflex runs very smooth on my own machine (+-500 FPS @1920x1080 on medium gfx-settings). So I was wondering: 1) What are the settings that are (most) important when your hardware is crap? 2) Are there any console commands we might try? 3) Maybe other tips? (we haven't tried to disable windows aero etc. for example, and I don't know what powercfg setting she is using) Other info: Map we tried: simplicity OS: Windows 8.1 x64 enterprise.
  3. DEZ

    fps decreases while playing

    My fps decreasing during an online game, but it doesn't on a listen server and in the windowed mode. sorry for quality :S 166 => 130 in 5 minutes, => 120 in 10m. If I change a map and keep play, it will go on. After 3 games it will be around 55 fps. configuration: 2Gb 6770M (also hd3000), i5 2.3Ghz, ram 6Gb w7-hp, Leshcat’s Catalyst 15.11
  4. Been playing a bit more lately and I just can't get over how inconsistent my 180's feel and my cjs just feel really off and sort of random... This isn't the ground friction I think.. Might be framerate related but I just can't help feeling like mouse input just can't keep up when doing fairly quick turns or flicks and my sight ending up in a fairly random place... It's not consistently bad like in unreal engine it's more like it's skipping.. Couple hours of duels and defrag and it's pretty much all I can think of How the sight just isn't where I'm expecting it to be most of the time Also the mouse feels quite different in windowed mode as zev pointed out and it feels worse the less fps I have The game feels choppy as well despite r_showfps showing quite high fps.. I'm unsure why this is.. Only theory I have on that is perhaps microstuttering? I'd love to help test it out any way I can but my skillz are lacking so unsure how much help I could be
  5. thefox

    low fps

    Hi Does anybody know why I have between 10-20 fps although I have a decend PC? Here are my specs: intel core i-5 2.7Ghz Nvidia geforce 840m 8gb ram 128gb ssd
  6. matt_au

    Hardware question

    Just wondering whether it's worth upgrading from Windows XP in order to try Reflex on my current hardware. I know I'll need to do a proper upgrade eventually, but in the meantime it would be fun to play around with the map editor, even if the game doesn't run smoothly enough for actual combat. My specs are: Pentium E6500 2.93GHz dual-core CPU Radeon HD6670 2GB 4GB RAM I did have a look at the 'Performance reports' thread, but I'm totally out of the loop with hardware so none of the numbers mean anything to me and I have to look them all up individually. P.S. I've already bought a copy anyway, to support the developers/get it while it's cheap :> P.P.S. Would Reflex run on the free preview version of Windows 10?
  7. So i have a couple of questions about the game right now as my laptop isn't exactly a power house: 1.Aside the ones in the faq, any other ways to increase performance? 2.I watched a video and noticed he put the command r_lm_clear and although made the game look weird, increased fps, is this recommanded? Any objections? 3.In quake live there is a command called picmip which watered down the textures to increase fps, any similar commands? If not, is there a possibly this could be implemented in order to accommodate to the lower end audience without affecting too much? 4. Any commands to adjust explosions? 5. I've been experiencing strange mouse input lag, any idea why or fixes? Currently i get about a stuttering 40 fps on 800 by 600 resolution, playable but tough. Included dxdiag if that helps. Many thanks in advance.
  8. Gasoline Based

    [logged] FPS Drops

    I've just gotten the game today and I was eager to play it, as I've followed the progress all the way. I was disappointing as I couldn't run the game at a decent pace. I have a quite powerful computer, and I have no problem running any other games, but this was somehow too much. I tried turning of dynamic lights etc but it didn't help. It feels like there is a big delay from my input to action, even on local games with no ping, and my fps drops quite a bit during the game. Curiously, it only happens at large resolutions, if I scale the window down it runs very smooth like I would expect. I'm not sure what I can give you to help, so just let me know what you want me to report and I'll get it for you