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Found 1 result

  1. There's no secret that there's lacking public teamgames, no one wants to play with constantly rotating playersizes, people dropping in and out, no communication and what have you. There's also the lack of som QoL improvements in teamgames, Ammo, dropping, flagdrag, lack of maps and whatever excuse people will come up with to not play teamgames. However, since the ctf update both the EU and NA scene have been doing pickups in varying degree of sucess and playerbase, So this is a friendly reminder that if you go to the reflex discord and type !add ctf / !add tdm (or other variants) into the #pickup-na and #pickup-eu channel, we might get more regular games With all the "silly nonsense" that I call it that trouble teamgames, playing pickups with strategies and voice communication is actually really fun and helps you get to know the community better. Don't worry if it sounds stressfull and you are worried about your skills. We use a captain system and we try to get as even teams as possible, and we're all willing to teach.We just want to play the game we love and have a good time. So hop on discord and join the fun. Hopefully some of the regulars can write more poetic and jazzy so we can get the scene booming. <3