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Found 8 results

  1. meowgli

    Simple net info popup

    A simple widget that will pop up a warning when you either go over a ping threshold (default is 80ms) or are experiencing packetloss. requested by SKYTOON https://www.dropbox.com/s/t4gwhby681ds5cu/mgli_ping.lua?dl=0
  2. TornadoStorm

    Game Crashing with 150+ ping

    Hello, When I join a server at 150ms, the game later gets more and more frequent ping spikes, until it eventually crashes, usually before I can finish a single match. I know 150ms is pretty high and I shouldn't be playing at that ping for Reflex anyways, but this kind of stuff does not occur for other games!
  3. TornadoStorm

    PLEASE make 200ms playable!

    Lowest ping I get on servers are 150ms here in kenya, on average, 200ms. For the people here in Africa, please make the game playable at 200ms! I am frustrated that I am unable to play such an awesome game after buying it :c
  4. Capuchino

    Reflex in South America?

    Greetings everyone I'm a quake live player since 2008 and a week ago i found this game, and i wonder if exist a latin america comunity, servers near my country (Argentina) or people who bought it.
  5. flightql

    Dont know why I lag

    Hey, I just got reflex and really enjoy playing the game, but I am having some weird kind of fps lag, I got around 190-250 fps all the time and around 30 ping. When I spectate I never lag but as soon as I join the game and the game starts I get alot of fps lags, why? My pc specs are the following: intel core i3 2100 nvidia geforce gtx 550ti 4gb RAM 1 tb hard disk So, I really need help! ps: could it be my config? I am using this config: http://pastebin.com/XrsmjDfd
  6. Displayed both in the scoreboard, and in corner of screen (along side to the showfps display).
  7. If i play on a server, and get connection issues (not anything on my side, i think), my framerate slowly drops from 125, my standard fps, all the way down to 1fps. The framerate returns to 125 when i disconnect from the server, or if the connection issues stops.
  8. jusu

    Some weird ping lag

    I join empty server, there is no ping lag. But when the server has more than one player my ping is like 200. What to do?