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  1. Is this an issue?

    My friends keep saying I'm wallhacking, and I've never touched anything in this game's configuration files aside from game.cfg and it was given to me from my friend. These player outlines have been here since I've installed the game, and I've paid no mind to them, but they say they don't have them. I have no VAC Bans on record, and I haven't had any trouble connecting to the servers, and I've been fully supporting this game since I heard about it. I'm legitimately not hacking and I'm worried something might happen to my account because of this. Is this a bug/glitch/exploit that I could have stumbled across? I'll reinstall tonight to see if it will still be there, but I want to prove that I'm not hacking. If I was, I wouldn't be just losing to everyone I play against, because I'm new to the Arena FPS Scene. Below is a screenshot I took straight from the game, I'm running it from my Steam Library. Speccy screenshot as well for those curious. Please help, and thank you. ~Metrical