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Found 8 results

  1. Sometimes you get unwished elements appearing in your prefab after creating/updating it. This can be very confusing and makes multi-select sometimes impossible to use properly. Reproduction: Create worldspawn and select it Enter console command: me_createprefab A Create another worldspawn De-select everything (escape key) Select both worldspawns with dragging a selection rectangle or VolumeSelect Remove the first worldspawn (now prefab "A") from the selection by clicking on it with +editormultiselect (CTRL) and +editorprimary (Mouse1) Enter console command: me_createprefab B Even though you de-selected the first worldspawn, it will be re-selected and included in prefab B.
  2. TornadoStorm

    Do prefabs affect performance?

    As the title says, for instance, if I have multiple prefabs used in different places, would it have less of a performance hit than not using any prefabs, but with the same number of effect brushes?
  3. TornadoStorm

    Prefab Editor

    Hello, I came across an idea where there would be some sort of in-game prefab editor, where you can edit a prefab, similar to the blueprint editor viewport in Unreal Engine 4, or perhaps just toggling a prefab to be editable in sync with all other of the same name. This would make it much easier to edit large numbers of prefabs in one go, rather than deleting all prefabs and creating a new one from scratch. This would also make it easy to enable creating variants of one prefab, such as creating a prefab for a building, then duplicating it, saving it as a different prefab, then editing it again.
  4. Here is a shipping container I made 100% out of brushes. The idea is for industrial/scifi maps to have a place to put a weapon or something inside or on-top etc. The doors can be made open or closed depending on what you want the container for. Feel free to use it in your maps. asset_crate.zip
  5. Make sure you back up your map in case something goes wrong. The map file is attached, copy/paste the prefab from prefab_factory_01.map to the map you want them in using a text editor. Make sure prefabs are before the word global in the file and also you will need to place a prefab entity in your map with the prefab name you want. Feel free to post your own prefab things that you think others would find useful. Note: The 90 bend pipe clip is not working right now because of the angled brush player collision bug. You can jump on it to see what I mean. Also, I can make the 90 bend pipe clip out of fewer brushes but I will get around to that later. Check out the prefab tutorial video I made if you are unsure on how to use prefabs. (This does not cover manually editing the text file) prefab_factory_01.map
  6. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mkzz9m1z5f7cj3w/replay_bug.zip?dl=0
  7. Download link on Reflexfiles.com You can make an instagib map with this file. Its the same as a normal empty map except there are 16 spawn points which you fall through lava into 16 different portals and there are 16 targets that you put in place instead of player respawns. Theres a weapon restrictor that only allows you to have a rail gun and theres a bunch of rail gun pickups as you fall though the lava. Alternatively if you know what you are doing you can manually copy/paste this stuff into a pre-existing map file and replace the existing player spawns with the 1-16 targets. I directly ripped this idea from bej's insta gib map.
  8. I noticed that people aren't really utilising prefabs yet, they are really powerful!