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Found 1 result

  1. I bought the game and here are my thoughts after a couple days of testing: 1) Movement. Physics seem good. It's got the perfect Q3 feeling (no need to reinvent the wheel). Yet, I think something is different. Is the view taller? it somehow doesn't feel as insanely smooth as Q3. It's far from suffering from the same case as Q4, but it's not there yet. I like this feeling of almost liquidity when you are strafejumping and you think you are not going to reach an edge but you do. Like on the proQ3DM6 pillars or whatever (in Q4, if you know what im talking about you'll see the diference on the same map). It's hard to explain. Or in CPM22, the RA circle jump where you seem to almost do a noclip throught the edge when done correctly. Those finer details im missing a bit. Hope someone played the game enough to notice what im talking about. *maybe this is because im playing with 0 accel?? 2) Weapons seem ok. Not a fan of the default weapon tho, I prefer a weak hitscan one, but I can live with it. The railgun is pretty weak looking, so is the shaft, and the plasma shoots regular bullets, looks like the QW nailgun.. im assuming its all placeholders. 3) Models. Again, placeholders so dunno. I really miss the leaning of the models when strafeing as you gain speed. When you shot someone in Q3, the model leaned when pushed back by rocket splash, this looked specially good in slow mo in fragvideos. It just feels organic, and also helps predicting the trajectory the model is taking on air. I specially loved how cool it looked in defrag videos when you went really fucking fast. As of right now, the models don't do this, so it looks pretty dull. QW's models don't have this, but the retro, low polycount models don't make it look as stupid since it's an old ass game anyway. We need those details guaranteed on a 2015 game. We also need realistic corpse ragdolls. About skins, I've noticed I cant find anything to force skins on enemies/friends and make them bright. There's only the red/blue edges. This is a terrible headache, let alone if you are playing a team game. It totally kills the vibe, since it's not instantly clear if its an enemy or a friend and you can't focus on the interesting fun part of a game like this which is actually shooting, moving around and securing areas/items. 4) Maps... there's literally nothing to comment yet. Needs more time and textures. Everyone is playing CPM22 it seems. Haven't played enough to comment on at least the current structures of the new maps. 5) Sounds. First of all, the sounds of your player are way too low, specially during FFA your own sound gets drowned with other people's sound, so you don't know if the railgun has loaded yet, you don't know if you are taking damage.. also I've noticed if you shoot while strafing left, you hear the sound on your right and viceversa. Pretty annoying, your own sounds should be on the center at all times. Sound design is overall weak, it's too polite. It feels like a castrated Q3/QW, in other words, like WSW. It needs more brutal sounds. Also, you guys need to somehow rip off the Q3 hitsound, which is just perfect and feels good on the brain when shooting people. The Q4 one was just annoying. The current one sounds like hitting a car with a metal bar and the frag sound reminds me of winning a price in the slot machine. Those sounds should be addictive and pleasant, again just do an almost ripoff from the Q3 hitsound and done. The doppler effect of the rockets, is also insanely better in Q3. Just like in Q4, the rockets in here sound like a plane passing by, instead of something mean that you just dodged by millimeters that make you think "fuck, that was close". It's all those small details that made Q3 so addictive and adrenaline pumping when you were playing a close duel. It just hit the jackpot aesthetics wise. I also liked the combination of tech models/textures and gothic/dungeon. It was not a monotematic, boring hi-tech shit like Q2 and Q4, or QW which was way too brown. Q3 managed to have variety and yet have it all nicely packed in the same game. This is important to not get a samey feeling as you go throught different maps. Again, im assuming its all placeholders. Finally, I have noticed there are timers in duel. Really? Again, a part of the adrenaline rush in Quake was timing the items, it's a main factor of the deepness of the game. It's kinda insulting that this great art is obliterated in hopes of I assume, pleasing the mainstream crowd. Big mistake. If anything, when you add matchmaking (im assuming this game will have it) you should enable timers for newbie matched games, then disable it for medium and above games, and for unranked games. Otherwise i'll just personally not bother putting effort into it. Im hoping this is a temporal measure for now... The timer is good when spec mode tho, just like QL (one of the few things QL improved over CPMA lol) And I had the following questions: -Where is the mouseaccel? I cant play without accel. -How do I make the maps brigther? I cant literally see shit in some of them, and I cant find any brigthness or gamma related cvars, let alone a r_mapoverbrightbits 5 type one. -How do I move the FPS number and how do I get ms from my internet ping? when I enable showfps it shows ms of something, but its too low, its not ping. Is it input ms? I dont really need that, ms of ping is more useful for me. Also, would be cool to have a small lagometer, squared like on Q3, to guarantee you are not having any packet loss during the match. -How can I bind MOUSE1 and MOUSE2 to act as next spect camera and previous camera while also being fire and jump at the same time? -Is there a way to disable the crazy (and good looking, but unnecessary for me) particle effects? In general I think the game has potential. It has captured and reproduced the perfect Q3 feel (even if im a fan of VQ3 physics, i can deal with CPMA physics), doesn't rely on stupid gimmicks (Hi UT4, hi Reborn, hi etc), has that solid feel, except the annoyances i've listed. It definitely feels better than Q4 already, and better than the absolutely dogshit fastpaced games released since then. I hope it gets polished with time, gets a proper matchmaking system (something that the good ol games totally missed), and any experimentation gets confined inside gamemodes that don't disturb the classic ones (mainly duel), and it ends up being a success by bringing the old school solid feel instead of dumbing it down. I would love to see the game advertised everywhere, I would love to see people playing it everywhere and million dollar tournaments, but If it ends up as an underground game anyway then fuck it, at least you can say you did a great job. Thats all for now.