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Found 14 results

  1. Speedbot

    [akumacpm1a] ALL THE RAGE

    Did a custom port of this, remade map from scratch with slightly larger proportions. Enjoy! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=785669013
  2. Workshop Link A remake of QuakeWorld's DM6: The Dark Zone, scaled to 120% Please note that this map was made back in 2015. I've simply taken this map and added ammo, and fixed missing static meshes. I did not create the original map, nor the original copy of the Reflex remake. Credit for both is due to their original authors. Original map (QW) by Tim Willits Reflex remake by nabique / recluse / psycho_luv Ammo added by Goober
  3. my question is, if when using lower fov, do i need to change sens, or it scales it perfectly automatically? in quakelive I used this formula k = arctan[ 0.75 * tan( zoomfov / 2 ) ] / arctan[ 0.75 * tan( cg_fov / 2 ) then this k value multiplied by the sensitivity I wanted to have the same feel with it for example, let's say I use sens 3.4 for all weapons, and fov 100 for all weapons except rail where I use fov 90, so it would go like this: k = arctan[ 0.75 * tan( 90 / 2 ) ] / arctan[ 0.75 * tan( 100 / 2 ) ] k = 0,88224854485347407492157566599146 this value, multiplied by the "default" sens of 3.4 gives us 2,999645052501811854733357264371 in quake you had 7 decimals of precision, so 2.9996450 this is the sens that I would use for my rail bind with the fov 90 Now when I play, I will move the same cm in sens 3.4 fov 100 and fov 90 with that sens, get it? which gave me perfect feel compared to the rest of the fovs (I use lower fov for rail) by perfect i mean, same cm moved in real life (with the mouse) to turn same distance ingame with both fovs so my question is, does reflex automatically, or you do need to do this too? because i think it doesn't, I mean, when I use a lower fov, I have to move the mouse less cm to turn the same distance that I would need to move with the higher fov
  4. hello im trying to make my weapons feel like my good ol quake 3 config that means that I had the following setup "weapon 1;sensitivity 3.4;cg_crosshairsize 32;cg_drawgun 0;cg_drawcrosshair 2;cg_fov 100;cl_mouseaccel 0.25;com_blood 0;cg_zoomfov 80" and so on and so on so I had different sens, crosshair, fovs etc for certain weapons it was really easy, just type all the values separated by ; im trying and in reflex i cant seem to be able to do this
  5. Quid

    Battle Zone

    I rebuilt my old Quake/Quake 3 map Battle Zone for Reflex, feel free to test it. All feedback is welcome Its a small 1on1 map with intense gameplay, or play 4 players FFA for total mayhem! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=653838512 http://reflexfiles.com/file/549
  6. I've been a long time CS, Quake, Unreal, etc player and my favorite shooter was an arcade arena shooter called "War: Final Assault". While I also enjoyed the arcade game "The Grid" and Dreamcast's "Outtrigger", War: FA was King. I played this game often in 1999-2000 with 2 other friends on 3 cabinets though there were up to 4 linkable cabinets. A co-op mission mode is also available. There's no footage of good players playing deathmatch in 1st person, but here's a video of a guy roaming around the deathmatch levels of the game, mostly in the awful 3rd person view. This video should give you an idea of how the game works. Reflex could adopt some new ideas to separate itself from Quake, make the game stand out, and become popular. The guns and gameplay got stale in Q3/QL and think the same will eventually happen to Reflex without expanding its arsenal. War: FA is one of games the devs should study because it is a favorite of the few who had a chance to play it. Suggestions I'd like to make: *Co-op mode vs. bots. I enjoyed the queued instances of Global Agenda for example. *Drops/Items/Levels. A system of leveling, drops and skins to give incentives for players to keep playing. *Less starting HP in its current state or more powerful weapons. *A variety of weapons and default weapons other than the burst gun. Machine guns, pistols, flamethrowers, heat-seeking missiles, mortars, etc. *Classes as in TF2. Different starting weapons, speed, movement, size, hitboxes for example. *Map design and more maps. It's good we have a built in editor for this purpose. The current maps are well designed. Most maps consists of narrow pathways, 2-3 levels, and numerous small rooms. Would like to see more open maps, 1-room arenas with some cover as seen in War: FA. Large maps supporting several players and gametypes. *Built in queue for 1v1, affa, ffa 3-max, 4-max, 5-max, co-op missions, server lists, etc. Support 12-32 players maps and game modes such as tdm, ctf, control points, bomb/defusal, etc. *Bunny hopping left and right is limiting in Reflex if you're coming from games like CS 1.6 or Warsow. Would like to see that style used in this game. *Team Competitive mode with objectives. Respawn and no respawn. Choice of preloaded weapons or other weapons system of some sort. *More powerups of various types spawned around the maps. Movement buffs, damage, speed, jump, health, weapon, vision buffs, etc. *Male/Female characters. Better customization. *Secondary fire and zoom weapons. Zoom for bolt rifle. *Last used weapon switch button "q". *Headshots with and kill streak announcements which and is missing in Reflex. *Weapon balance. Shotgun and burst gun feels underpowered. Hope the devs will consider some of my suggestions. Looking forward to the updates and official Reflex release.
  7. So, I remade Quake 1's Aerowalk faithfully in Reflex. For now, I'm just tossing it on ReflexFiles.com, so here it is. Thanks to Praxismo for the help with the lights behind teleport destinations/under the wind tunnel, as well as under-weapon lighting. I'm still debating on whether or not I should scale this map up slightly to make it so that you can't jump to Red Armor in a single circle jump. Any thoughts there are welcome. Edit: applied fixes per Benroads. (Thanks!)
  8. Hey all, I played Weapons Factory Arena for Quake 3, Team Fortress for Quake World, TFC, and TF2. This is a phenomenal platform and I think a Team Fortress style game-type is worth looking into. Seeing as TF2 is slow, boring, and repetitive, a fast-paced version on a $10 package like Reflex could be pretty sick. Look up Weapons Factory Arena on Youtube and see what you think. It may add some value to this game with a mode that has somewhat been streamlined by TF2, Battlefield, all the other class based games, but has MAJOR room for improvement. Weapons Factory had all of the same classes as Team Fortress Classic + Grappling hooks and many more gadgets. I am not dissing the old school deathmatch game types (1v1, CTF, TDM, FFA, Etc.), I have a dueling background myself. I am simply stating that combining classic arena game play with the popularity of TF2 could be pretty awesome.
  9. spessu_sb

    The Edge/DM1 (Free For All)

    Legendary Quake map which debuted in 1997 in Quake 2. Map has placeholder texturing and in general is still work in progress. Original map idea by: id Software Recreation by: spessu_sb http://reflexfiles.com/file/237
  10. Lowrater


    This is my 8, map i've done, that's based on some Unreal spirit. Take a look, and give me a comment. Note: I know i have lighting issues. I find it hard to place it. I don't have the time the next few days to fix it, but it will get done. Please note, that this map is made to be tricky and when thats said, you have to move nicely if you dont wanna get slowed down. Info: 1-v-1 FFA TDM pickups: (will be updated) 1 x all weapons 1 x 100 hp 1 x 50 hp 1 x double dmg 10 x 25 hp 10 x 5 shield others: 2 x portals
  11. UltraKill

    DeFrag map #1

    Hello, im a beginner in this system. (2 times played and 1 time opened map editor ) I long time play quake 3 and quake live, and i really love strafe jumping and wanna to create maps for this awesome game, cause there strafing is goodest tha quake after finishing this map, will think about some bigger. vid. ------------ FINISHED! This is my first work, and i was maded by myself skill. (can be hard, can be easy..) place files from archive in your game directory, for example: Steamsteamappscommonreflexfpsbaseinternalmaps --- some pix: Video. (i hace cutted a few parts, cause not from 1-st time doned the strafing ) Rate and have fun! UltraKill
  12. spessu_sb

    ssbdm2 (ffa,tdm)

    Map made for FFA and TDM. Includes carnage damage. Map is still work in progress. http://reflexfiles.com/file/141
  13. Hello there! Here's a remake of Quake's DM6 that I made with my friends. It is still in early alpha in terms of visuals, as you can see. Best played in 2v2 TDM mode. Here's the link: http://reflexfiles.com/file/148
  14. I also remade Quake 1's DM3 faithfully in Reflex. For now, I'm just tossing it on ReflexFiles.com, so here it is. This map (QWDM3.map) was created by KovaaK with much help from Praxismo. The original Quake 1 dm3.map source file was used, and it was released under GNU General Public License. As such, this recreation of dm3 in Reflex is also released under GPL. See the text file contained within the zip. As ammos have not yet been added to Reflex, I feel that this map is not really ready for play. The SNG room is just a health resupply point, and the only way you can get ammo is by playing on the bridge side of the map, which is kind of weird. Once ammo is added to the game, I will make it a point to update this map.